Landlord and tenant law: the SPD politician Michael calls for Large-scale, significantly more renter protection

On Friday debated the new tenant protection act in the Bundestag. It should be on 1. January 2019 to come into force and, among other things, Rent control, and to expensive upgrades with subsequent rent increases make it difficult. The SPD has...

A large Problem in the ‘ 90s led to the fact that Estonia depends on today digital all

„Alles begann zufällig 1996 in einer Hotellobby mit Thomas, Johnny und mir“, sagt der Hüne Jaak Aaviksoo. Der 64-Jährige zieht die Augenbrauen wie ein Märchenerzähler hoch. Thomas heißt mit Nachnamen Ilves, war damals Außenminister, später zehn Jahre Estlands Präsident. Und Johnny? „Ein...

Fashion: Benetton-co-founder Gilberto Benetton is dead

One of the founders of the Italian fashion company Benetton, Gilberto Benetton, is dead. He died after a short illness at his home in Treviso, Northern Italy, shared with the family on Monday evening. Gilberto had founded together with his siblings Luciano,...

New order in Mexico’s drug cartels: “El Chapo” and “El Mencho”

a Little time? At the end of text there is a summary. The man in the photos, upper-lip-not even a moustache. Times he is something of a fuller, leaner. He is but in any case: one of the...

Pixel 3 : l'weapon of Google to counter the'iPhone

do You remember the Nexus ? It was a smartphone produced by Google and launched in 2010, whose name was a reference to the book by Philip K. Dick The sheep dream of electric sheep ? and the marketing...


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Best tech events to attend in Miami

The tech landscape is constantly changing. In 2020, we should expect to see higher functionality, better integration, development of products targeted at teaching and...