got offered The Job, Klaus Kleinfeld from the Saudi crown Prince, was to surpass in gigantomania. A whole city was created by the Ex-Siemens-chief in the desert: the 500 billion Dollar Budget, of 26,500 square kilometers, an area as large as Hessen, completely supplied from renewable energy sources, with an industrial Park, in the almost only robots can work.

“Neom” is the name of the Phantasia of rampage at Apache wells, Mohammed bin Salman, to the new future. The Job offer was tempting for Kleinfeld, the former Cosmopolitan and Dealmaker, had been made neither in the corruption affair at Siemens, in a mud battle with his future employer, Alcoa is a good figure. In October 2017 Kleinfeld went into the desert, as a consultant.

and Now, almost exactly a year later, the excitement of Kleinfeld. On 2. October has been killed in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul the well-known Journalist, and regime critic, Jamal Khashoggi. His body was probably dismembered with a saw and taken away.

Bin Salman’s government denied the killing for a long time. In the meantime, you claimed that Khashoggi had been in a fight in the Embassy killed accidentally. The Prince himself continues to declare that he knew nothing.

rampage at Apache wells is suddenly become to the blood Prince. And many critics are wondering how a German Manager, one such as Kleinfeld, who was a Student once, a social worker, for such a sinister autocrats can work.


even as Kleinfeld had accepted the Job a year ago, to listen to the indignant voices. Mohammed bin Salman, in short: MbS, was at that time already as the Mastermind behind the bloody Yemen war; the German Federal intelligence service warned him.

Kleinfeld didn’t seem to bother the. “Neom is a unique opportunity to combine the highest standard of living with excellent economic prospects,” he then quote. “I am honored and excited to take on this leadership role.”

in the Meantime, Kleinfeld has ascended in the hierarchy of the Saudis even more. He acts now as am Salman’s personal Advisor, as a kind of economic sage who monitored the conversion of Saudi Arabia from oil Exporter to the Technology stronghold.

Whether or not the killing has changed Khashoggis for Kleinfeld something, is not known. Neither he nor his spokesman have responded to requests from the MIRROR. The “image”newspaper, however, want to learn from Kleinfelds environment that the Manager had been thinking in the last few days.

More on the topic of death in the Consulate of The case, Khashoggi – data and facts

“Mr. Kleinfeld has a strong opinion on the case of Khashoggi that he has articulated as a personality, is respected,” said his spokesman, the tabloid also. “It is achieved more by you can talk to the things, than merely symbolic absence that does not hold already for a long time.”

In its cooperation with MbS Kleinfeld wants to hold on to. The killing of the journalist could hamper his work. Because MbS has brought Kleinfeld, mainly due to his excellent contacts to. The Manager shall provide with its network to ensure that the project “Neom” can find enough investors.

Kleinfelds wire to foreign investors has become even more important. Because of the IPO of the state oil Company Aramco, by a part of the mega project is to be financed, is proving more difficult than I thought. The IPO has not only been postponed several times, most recently in 2024; it could also bring in less than expected.

The financing of bin Salamans Phantasialand is now expected to be become even more difficult. At least some donors are likely to want to do it after the murder, Istanbul, no more business with the Prince and his German advisers.


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