How to Write a Law Essay in an Exam
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Writing a law essay as a home assignment is easy compared to writing one during your law exam. You’re limited in time, space, ability to research and review. Besides, exams are stressful, and stress may lower the clarity of your thinking. While the best piece of advice here is to calm down and get it done, there are more tips on how to write a great law essay in an exam.

Read and Learn

Do your best to read, review, and learn as much material as possible beforehand. The topic for the law exam essay may be unexpected, and you should be ready for anything. Here are some tips that will help:

  • Build plans for every topic;
  • Write down all the important info in theses;
  • Make diagrams and concept maps;
  • Keep a good grasp of the main material at all times.

Use Professional Help Beforehand

If you’re not sure about your essay writing skills, it’s better to learn from professional writers. Find a good essay writing service that has a separate segment for papers on law. Search “write my law essay” and look for:

  • Good customer service;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Free revisions;
  • Wide writer choice.

Order a paper beforehand, so you have enough time to analyze it and learn from it. Such examples are the best to follow because the people who write those papers know exactly what to do and how to do it. You can check this site for more information.

 Read the Questions Carefully

The question contains a part of the answer, so be sure you read it thoroughly. It’s easy to miss a small but crucial part of the question and write about something completely different. Take your time to think about it, making notes and planning your essay at the same time.

It’s better if you get the questions beforehand so you can try and write a couple of short essays. Find out if there’s such a possibility by asking your professor.

Use Your Time Wisely

At the beginning of the exam, assess the number and the format of the questions. Manage the time accordingly, leaving enough for the essay and the review. The latter is crucial for any assignment or test because it’s easy to make a simple mistake that will deduct points.

It’s better to start with the plan for your essay, even if you have other questions of another format. Thus, you will have more time to think about what’s good for the paper while answering other questions.

Here are some tips that will help:

  • Make the outline detailed so you see what will be exactly in the paper;
  • Create a concept map if you don’t have the time for the outline;
  • If you’re stuck, go to other questions and come back to the essay later.

Write the Main Body First

Some students find it easier to finish the most difficult part first, which is the main body of the essay. This is the part that gets the most points as well. You can frame it with the intro and conclusion later because those are the easy parts.

Note: Make a thesis statement one of your priorities as well. It must be strong and clear, which requires some structuring and vocabulary choice.

Proofread Your Essay

Leave some time to proofread your law essay. It may seem like a low-priority task, but there may be a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes you didn’t notice while writing in a hurry. Read the paper a couple of times, focusing on the grammar the first time and paying attention to logic and structure the second time.

Consider Handing In the Outline and Drafts as Well

Some professors will give additional points for a good outline with the notes you write along the way. Essays are used to assess students’ structure and analysis skills among all the others. So, a good draft and a clear outline may add some points to the final grade you get for the exam.

Don’t Give Stress a Chance

No matter how hard you work, exams are always stressful. Make sure you have a couple of magic tricks that help you calm down and focus on the task. Eyes on the prize!


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