Sunday, July 25, 2021

« With the Brexit, AstraZeneca has arr&stop;té d’invest in the United Kingdom »

That agreement on the Brexit to be signed in the next few days or not, AstraZeneca has not been able to wait. While it remains less than six months before the effective date of the release of the european Union...

In écoles d’architecture, parité construction

The cities will promote they, consciously or unconsciously, uses mainly male ? At first sight, the stage is set : sports equipment outside is limited to the training equipment, skate-parks or basketball courts ; public restrooms absent or little marked...

“Verkokst and messed up”: the jungle camp candidate Sibylle Rauch was a prostitute

at the beginning of this year, smoke, spoke openly about their difficult times, and your "verkokstes and messed-up life", as she herself said in an Interview with RTL. After the success with "Popsicles" switched to smoke in the mid-80s in...