no one need the tray, Vice-Chairman Zsolt Semjén, state Secretary Bence Rétvári and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This has signed a decree on the abolition of study Gender Studies. It is now no longer on the list of approved in Hungary master’s courses, such as the news portal “” reported. The decree itself is dated last Friday.

In the sense of government decree can already be begun in courses in Gender Studies. The higher education institutions of the country may, however, be starting immediately, no new courses in this field of study.

last August, the government had announced, in the future, not Gender Studies. The gender is determined “simply organic”, nobody wanted to deal with gender researchers, the tray is not justified “from an economic point of view rational”, and argue Hungary’s right-national top politicians. The Gender Studies would, in addition, the “foundations of the Christian family” is undermined, it said.

In the academic world this has been criticized as a serious attack on the freedom of teaching and research. The scientific gender research focuses on how gender, social norms and cultural circumstances.

Currently, the state Lorand-Eötvös University (ELTE) and the private American Central European University (CEU) master courses in gender studies in Hungary, each with around 20 participants. Both universities are in Budapest resident.



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