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What is a being supposedly the oldest figurative art work of mankind, can’t tell Maxime Aubert directly. The amorphous Mammal is more reminiscent of a Rorschach test as to the Effect of a beautiful spiritual Maestros. On a “large Ungulate” taps Aubert, an archaeologist at Australia’s Griffith University. He also assumes that a second, more complete representation of an Animal is likely to be in the immediate neighbourhood of similar age and the same species. Clearly see to the powerful horns of a bovine to cattle. “A Banteng,” says Aubert. You can also say Sunda ox, these wild cattle places domesticated Southeast Asians later, the Bali cattle.

at Least 40,000 years, to a maximum of 52,000 years should be elapsed since an artistically ambitious person to this underground place on the island of Borneo, in a flash of inspiration. He handle, Aubert suspected, wore orange in color, with the fingers on the ceiling of the cave. And at the end of the reasonably realistic representation of a Bos javanicus lowi emblazoned above his head. If Maxim keeps Aubert law, then the portrait of a Rindviehs was at the beginning of the art.

Forested mountain ranges with steep, several Hundred meters of towering cliffs In the karst of this hard-to-reach Region of caves in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan Timur, scientists have documented since the nineties, thousands of rock images. But it is only now, after Aubert was able to date some of the works from the cave Lubang Jeriji Saléh, will take the world public notice of them.

In the science magazine Nature has published the results of the Australian. You vote, this means: thousands of years before artists went on the inside or the artist in the famous ice age caves of Lascaux, Chauvet or Altamira to works, created at the opposite end of the Eurasian continent people large-format wall paintings. The representational art took about not in Europe, as for decades by archaeologists, was claimed, but far away in the South-East Asia?

The new Dating puts the plants from Borneo time-before the famous European creative services. El Castillo in Spain, with 40,000 years of ancient representations, or the Grotte Chauvet, with around 36,000-year-old masterpieces as a pioneer of the art sites apply. Just as the caves of the Swabian Alb, where Eiszeitler teeth in front of 30,000 to 40,000 years, masterful gems from the ivory of a Mammoth carved – lion, water-bird, the horse and the lush contoured Venus from the hollow rock. From now run caves in Southeast Asia, these sites rank?

Several ungulates, below the wild cattle from the photo above © Pindi Setiawan

Nicholas Conard, an archaeologist at the University of Tübingen, this is not the crucial issues. And his envy of the new findings are not aroused. Rather, they were a confirmation. Conard, itself multiple times as the discoverer of earlier art came into the picture, says he had wondered, rather, that it took such a long time, up to similar to elderly plants on other continents to the fore. Conard researched for years, the figurative art of the Swabian Alb. Of him, the idea of a “strong culture pump came once”. They has The ice age climate, competition with other hunter-gatherer groups or the side by side with the Neanderthals, would have led to Stress. Under this pressure, almost the big Bang had been created like a wide range of cultural innovations in Europe.


Conard says he was surprised that this model was not modified for a long time. He was convinced that art was not occurred only once in one place and from there have spread. On the contrary: “The polycentric innovation model will establish itself” – many output points instead of a single. Also the idea that to a certain point, a Central light switch of creativity has been operated, had become obsolete. “It’s all much more complex.”

tübingen Conard expects to still be in many places on earth traces the early work to be discovered. Europe’s reputation as a Hotspot is expected to not only have to do that a lot here, but also with much greater effort.


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