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25 newborns, of which at least a Hand, a forearm, or whole arms are missing read. Came into the world within 15 years, in Ain, Loire-Atlantique and Morbihan, three of the 101 departments of France. That sounds like a few random fates of individuals and is in line with the normal malformation rate. And yet, the French health authority Santé publique, France (SPF), now speaks of “statistically noticeable” clusters.

The reason is that All of the mothers of affected newborns lived close to each other, in small villages in the country. Therefore, now, years after the first signs, according to the reasons: What could have caused injury to babies in the womb? It may have been pesticides from the fields, toxic residues from the food, or invisible pollutants from the air?

France’s health Minister Agnès Buzyn, a environment could be poison to the cause, through public statements, stoked: The high number of children with missing arms or hands, could possibly associated with means in agriculture. In search of the cause they wanted to rule out any direction. Possibly the track was in the environment. “Maybe it’s because of something that breathes the Pregnant women to eat, drink, or,” the Minister said. At the present time, you do not know the.

no one knows exactly where malformations such as often occur

Only recently became known, that only in a radius of 17 kilometres to the West of the French village of Druillat in the Department of Ain in the years 2000 until 2014, 18 children came to which at least a Hand or an Arm was missing. Another suspected case of Ain, the newspaper Le Monde the public was made, it is checked according to the authorities. Add to this four cases from the small Brittany region of Morbihan (the children in the years of 2011, came to 2013 to the world) and three from the neighboring Region, Loire-Atlantique, born in 2007 and 2008.

During the attempt, the currently known cases, is statistically legitimate to classify it, was revealed in France, there is a Problem in Germany as well: There is a country-wide reliable and rapid detection of all newborns with malformations is missing. Only with such a national Register, however, worrying developments in certain regions could be discovered faster. In addition, potential pollutants in the environment that can cause harm to foetuses in the womb are explored, apparently.

For the current case, this means ten years, the local accumulation of the affected children was noticed by the French authorities to a gynecologist after two births of infants, to whom arms were missing, the Registre des Malformations en Rhône-Alpes, in short, Remera, alarmed. The employees of this publicly-funded register for childhood malformations alone, for the Department of Ain had already written a report in 2015 for the Paris-based national health authority (SPF) seven registered malformations. It said: “The most likely hypothesis is that the affected Pregnant women were exposed to a “substance in agriculture or veterinary medicine”.

One factor that has not been studied but. According to the concerned parents, the authorities took after the birth, especially the behavior of the mothers under the magnifying glass – what face creams during pregnancy used, what cleaning agents they used and what they have eaten. Potential pollutants from the environment, had been little respected. “We are calling for an in-depth investigation,” said Isabelle Taymans-Grassin in the French Radio. She is the mother of a girl who was born without a left forearm.

her daughter is now seven years old. To date, the French state has given its deformity, no special attention to it. Like you it went several families in France. However, the parents began to network. Over the years fathers and mothers met in the respective local authorities in the affected villages, only a few thousand people live. And they noted: Many of the Pregnant women lived or still live today in fields where rapeseed or sunflower, were grown. When the government sent finally, termination letters to the employees of Remera and the local Register should be closed for reasons in this autumn of austerity, were the parents publicly appealed to the Newspapers, the Radio and the television. This is the only way your children were counted as new and registered. Suddenly, the health authority SPF found eleven more children with malformations in the Region of Ain. And finally, the health Minister Agnès Buzyn was active. “It is unacceptable for the parents and our country, to know why babies are born without arms and legs”, was the name of your new solution.


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