David Bowie’s years in Berlin in the 70s, are legendary. Also his little son, for which the musicians received after the divorce from his wife, Angela Barnett, the right of custody was at the time.

For music could inspire Duncan Jones, who is now 48 years old, never right. His refusal to learn an Instrument, was his Rebellion against the parents ‘ home, he once said of the German press Agency. Finally, but Duncan Jones, the name used to be Zowie Bowie has found his own way – as a Director.

For his latest Film – “Mute” (2018), he returned to Berlin. For 16 years, Duncan Jones has been trying to find a donor for his Science Fiction project, finally, the streaming service Netflix struck.

In the Film “Mute”, in which Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux and Seyneb the main Saleh play roles, the core story of a mute bartender looking for in a dark Neon-Berlin in the year 2052, according to his disappeared girlfriend.

The reviews, however, was pretty damning. Twitter but I saved him, Jones said to the newspaper “the Big Issue”. Some Tweets, such as the Science Fiction author William Gibson (“Johnny Mnemonic”), had him rebuilt.

Duncan Jones had tough years to get through. In 2012, had been diagnosed with his wife Rodene Ronquillo cancer, in 2016, David Bowie, died of this insidious disease.

Duncan Jones has referred to “Mute” as a “spiritual Sequel” to his debut film “Moon” (2009), with the him ten years ago, a surprise managed to success.

Jones’ Film about astronaut Sam Bell (played by Sam Rockwell) working alone on the moon, and there, for an American company Helium for energy production breaks down, tells a story about Isolation, loneliness and what happens to a man when he needs to live a long way from his beloved family.

Duncan Jones has found relatively late in his vocation. Although he had already been shot as a child, Super-8 films with his father, but first he studied first philosophy and allowed himself to be neatly time. Finally, however, it was David Bowie, of nudging him in the direction of the Film.

In the 50. Birthday Duncan Jones was one of the camera men at the Party. And as Bowie in a Film in Montreal worked, he invited the son to do so. It is a film study and a series of Videos, short films and Commercials, which should bring him soon into the conversation, finally followed.

especially the Clip for the fashion label French Connection caused a lot of swirl and considerable Controversy. In it, Jones had two women (style and fashion) quite mercilessly fighting each other. And kissed you still… 127 complaints were lodged at the advertising Council.

No complaints, there was in his debut film “Moon” – a 5-million-Dollar production, which has been awarded many prizes and, finally, around 10 million grossed. Successful at the box office Jones should be’ second work “Source Code” (2011), which grossed around 150 million dollars.

The Director, sent in his claustrophobic, multi-layered SF Film Jake Gyllenhaal on a tricky Mission, he experienced, however, in the body of another of the last minutes before a train accident and has to find out who was responsible for the attack.

After the flight but the career got a little damper. Jones’ film adaptation of the game classic “World of Warcraft” was not the criticism particularly well, but nevertheless, a large and generally enthusiastic audiences. Around 430 million dollars “played a Warcraft: The Beginning”. His latest project is the Comic-Verflmung “Rogue Trooper’s”.

As Duncan Jones on the 30. May of 1971 was in Bromley, London to the world, inspired his birth, David Bowie, incidentally, of two Songs: “Kooks” and “Oh! Pretty Things” are to be heard on the Album “Hunky Dory” to.



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