to Be hopping pedestrians in Emden in the future on the road? It is possible, because the East Frisian city of honors of traffic lights to its most famous son, Otto Waalkes with four special pedestrian.

In the case of the green phases of the hopping comedian with flowing hair will be seen. For the evening of the Emden Council on Tuesday unanimously. Otto (70) was enthusiastic. He’s already got the Federal cross of merit and the honorary citizenship. “But a traffic light is the highlight of my career,” he said of the “Ostfriesen-Zeitung” (Wednesday).

The lights should be as fast as possible, placed close to the “Otto-Huus” – a Museum dedicated to the comedian and in front of the long lines and if the name-giver look again over and sign autographs there. The city spokesman Eduard Dinkela hopes that the new lights to be delivered before the opening of the Otto-exhibition in Emden, Kunsthalle. “The traffic lights will be immediately ordered,” he says. 22. June is to be seen in the Kunsthalle for three months, a tribute to the “most famous and in this universe, probably the most popular, living East” as it is stated in the notice.

Originally, it was given in the Emden, the idea is to bring the well – known animals with trunks “Ottifanten” in the Green and red phases on the pedestrian traffic lights. They are also represented as kissing the Bronze statues in the city. However, in the road authority, there were concerns. Because the highway code only provides for standing and striding pedestrians on the traffic lights. What if something happens, because a pedestrian misunderstands the characters? “With Otto in Hüpfpose only in the green phase, we have minimized the risk”, says Dinkela. “In case of doubt, the pedestrian remains standing.” Or he is just across the street: “I’m jumping.”

The Emden FDP party leader Erich Bolinius, whose party had brought up the idea with the Otto baskets in the Council, is fully behind the decision. The rejected “Ottifanten” he would have found but also well. “But who’s asking a lot, get a lot of answers,” he says in the direction of the town hall. “Simple would have sufficed to make.”

So, for example, in Bremen, Germany. There was already animal motifs on traffic lights. During the free market two years ago, the famous town musicians graced twelve green characters. “That was very well received,” said a spokeswoman for the Bremer Touristik-Zentrale. And also nothing happened.



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