Ludwigsvorstadt – In on Sunday night a local resident alerted the police and complained about the loud party noise in a courtyard in the lindwurmstrasse. A Patrol car drove up and met a party of around 30 guests.

Eleven of these persons between 17 and 20 years, gathered in front of the party venue and urinated in isolated cases to the patrol car. To do this, they insulted and threatened the police officers. As the party guests failed to comply with a court reference by the officers, had to gain to be added to the call. Then, the guests attacked the officers with kicks and fist blows and forced the responders to the use of pepper spray.

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perpetrators of the Party night in Munich: the male and 17 to 20 years old

After the arrest of several persons of other party guests tried to get rid of these, while four Suspects from the scene of the crime fled. Far they have not came but. An officer suffered a bleeding laceration on the head by a after him, thrown a glass bottle. A total of seven male persons of age, were arrested between 17 and 20 people. According to police, three German nationals, two persons with German and Turkish citizenship, a Person with Bosnian and Serbian nationality and one Person of French and Tunisian nationality.

Seven police officers injured, two in the hospital

View It with breach of the peace, assault on law enforcement officers were created, resisting law enforcement officers, dangerous bodily harm and attempted Freeing. A 20-Year-old and an 18-Year-old will be in the course of the day, to the clarification of the detention to the determination of the question presented to the judge.

The other five suspects were released after the display processing. A total of seven police officers were injured in the operation. Two of them had to be treated in the hospital.

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