The hazelnut cream Nutella is the undisputed market leader in the chocolate spreads. At the latest since the much-discussed recipe-adaptation of the cult cream is also the target of Boycott Calls, frustration and ridicule. Can keep up with Nutella in taste at all against the no name cheap competition. Or you can save now money, to deteriorate?

New Nutella recipe tested against cheap chocolate spread

This is the question TV chef Nelson Müller in a new episode of the ZDF:time-series of “No-Name or brand?”. However, he notes that the ingredients are different in all of the hazelnut creams, no matter whether expensive or cheap, hardly: sugar, hazelnuts, milk powder, cocoa powder, vegetable fat, emulsifier and flavouring. Also the production machines, all manufacturers have the same Standard. The only price adjusting screw of the respondents managing Director of the competitor “Nudossi looks” at the quality of the raw materials and, above all, the hazelnuts, and, of course, in the case of the individual recipes.

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Modified Nutella recipe solves a wave of indignation

small changes can make all the difference, had to find Nutella-maker Ferrero recently. After 53 years, changed Ferrero, the formulation of the cult of the cream, at least “for the first Time visible,”, immediately caused an Outcry of indignation in the loyal Nutella fan base. About one percent more skimmed milk powder and more than cocoa now finds himself in the bread spread. The price is likely to rise in cocoa. Ferrero so it saves money, is understood but for us it’s officially only a “fine-tuning the recipe”. This formulation of thousands of Nutella Fans can shake only the head.

New Nutella is conveniently “sold”?

In the supermarket shelves of Nutella is in the low-altitude flight. The normal price would be 6,20 Euro, but for this price, hardly anyone of the bread spread. According to ZDF, Rewe sold the Kilo for 5,05 euros, the Edeka there is Nutella for 3,98 Euro per Kilo, Penny sold the spread for a cost of 3.69 € per Kilo, and Lidl even for just 3.54 pounds. In order for the discounters the price is a whole 43% below the recommended load. Is Nutella has become such a non-starter, not only with discounts from the shelf?

Nutella is made in the taste test clear result

The ultimate comparison of the best XXL to-taste test. Here, Nutella and the No-Name version of the Real world, at were this Time, according to the Stiftung Warentest is the best own brand. 100 people should be blind tasting, which is hazelnut cream tastes better and the result was clear. 92 of the Tester opted for Nutella, only on 8 votes fell to the competitors of Real.

Nutella like so save to the detriment of customers in terms of quality, however, the market leader of the taste is still the top dog, at least in comparison with the No-Name product from Real.

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