Che Guevara: the chief executioner of the Cuban revolution

02/03/20 biography Che Guevara: the chief executioner of the Cuban revolution

the Name of Ernesto Che Guevara is to many a symbol of the struggle for the rights of oppressed and enslaved people. However, the romanticized image of the rebel has little to do with reality. The real “Che” fanatical and ruthless soldier of the revolution.


Ernesto from childhood was distinguished by intellectual curiosity and leadership qualities. The Director of the school, where he studied the future revolutionary was impressed by his insatiable desire to be the leader. And “Tete” (a childhood nickname of Che Guevara) and had fun drinking ink, eating chalk, study of abandoned mines and the game of the bullfight with the sheep. Ernesto himself admitted that he was called “a hog” – not because of fatness, but because he was dirty.

Professor of Economics of Argentina Alberto Lynch in the book “My cousin the Che” told the story of his aunt who told him that in childhood “Tete” took pleasure in tormenting animals. “Death is not so bad,” made the opening a teenager.
Carlos Figueroa, a friend of his youth, Che Guevara, recalled the case, as during lunch, Ernesto forced the maid to lie down on a table to have sex with her. When joy was over, Che Guevara with a straight face continued his meal.


My first experience of the revolutionary Che Guevara has received during a trip to Central America. When in 1954 the Americans initiated in Guatemala coup, he immediately rushed to the assistance of the national government of Arbenz. Together with Patriotic youth under the whistle of bullets and explosions of shells “Th” all day guard duty.
However in the list of “dangerous Communists” aspiring revolutionary was forced to leave Guatemala and go to Mexico. There in 1955 he met with Fidel Castro. The meeting was crucial: from now on he intends to devote his life to reinvolution.
On this account there is a legend. When Fidel Castro gathered their supporters and asked if any of them are the economist, Che Guevara first raised his hand. It turns out that instead of the word “economist” he heard “Communist”. Error immediately clear, but it was too late.

the Executioner

a red thread through letters, poems and memoirs of Che Guevara is “bloodlust”. And only the fire of the Cuban revolution was able to quench it. The commander in his efforts to destroy the enemies were quite promiscuous: by his hand could fall and official, and a peasant and a teenager. In a letter to his father after the execution of the village conductor, he wrote: “At this point I discovered that I really love to kill”.
After coming to power of Fidel Castro, “Che” was the main initiator of repression. In the town of Santiago de Cuba 12 January 1959 he gave a demonstrative punishment 72 police officers, showing: so will all who served the old regime. By order of the commander without trial in the fortress-prison of La Cabana were executed more than eight thousand people, he personally led 700 executions.
Another legendary revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos recalled that after the capture of Santa Clara subordinates Che Guevara every street of the city was littered with corpses. In the “Black book of communism” are scary numbers: only for the first year of the revolution firing squad “Che” executed more than 14,000 people.

the Dictator

once the active phase of the Cuban revolution was completed, the Che Guevara organized the work of the secret police. The “enemies” of a free Cuba found everywhere, and then were brought to the ambulance station. After the torture of people are usually shot, and in the death certificate fit any reason other than genuine. The number of victims of the secret police is not known so far.
In 1960 on a Peninsula Guanahacabibes Che Guevara decided to set up labour camp. There went all to whom fell the slightest suspicion of criticism of the Communist regime. Was there a place for believers, homosexuals and poklennikov rock-n-roll.
This camp was the beginning of the UMAP – camp system reminiscent of Stalin’s GULAG. UMAP has become a place of concentration of all unreliable Cubans who were forced to do absolutely wild things, like teeth to cut the grass, or all day on a neck to sit in the muck.

the Communist

Ideal for Che Guevara served as Stalin’s principles of communism. “I swore in front of a portrait of the deceased, and I mourned comrade Stalin that I will not rest until, until I see will be destroyed by the capitalist octopus,” he recorded it in his diary.
In 1960 as a messenger of Liberty Island Che Guevara toured the countries of the socialist camp, visiting and the Soviet Union. Two years later, during a repeat visit to the Soviet Union as Minister of industry Cuba, he agreed on the cooperation between the two countries in the sphere of arms.
Despite friendly relations with the Soviet leadership, Che Guevara later admitted in his address criticisms. In particular, he accused the Soviet authorities “to impose the poorest countries in the terms of trade, similar to what the dictates of imperialism on the world market”.


In April 1965, Comandante decided to join the rebels of the Congo. In a short time from the black Cubans formed a group of 150 people, which from the ship to the ball was thrown into the fray. In the first battle of Palo four Cubans. But the main problem for the “Th” became the Congolese themselves – from 160 60 guerrillas deserted before the beginning of the operation, and many had not fired a single shot.
Next was not easy. The Cuban instructors was complicated by the fact that local leaders went into hiding, and farmers with every day belonged to them all hostile. November 1, 1965, Che Guevara was ordered to leave Congo and return to Cuba. He summarized the Congolese epic: “the Victory is a significant source of positive experiences, but the same applies to defeat.”

the Victim

the Next country where Che GeVAra was going to export the revolution, became Bolivia, however, he created a partisan detachment was surrounded and defeated by the government troops. Himself “Che” was captured. Soon from La Paz it’s a “señora Guevara” to eliminate. Concluded the order was voiced by CIA agent Felix Rodriguez, while adding: “Commander, I’m sorry.”
Che Guevara was executed by Bolivian army Sergeant Mario Teran, who wished to take revenge on the revolutionary for the death in the fighting with the rebels of three of their comrades. First, Teran was shot in the legs and arms, and then fatally shot the commander in the chest. According to the official version Che Guevara was killed in battle.


the Cuban propaganda did everything to build after the death of Che Guevara, a national hero. And apparently overdid it. Some Latinos began to read “Th” as a Saint, turning to him in prayers “San Ernesto de La Higuera”. Our role in this was played and memories of the Bolivians, who saw the murdered revolutionary. None of the dead was not so similar to the Christ as “Th”, they said.
the Popularity of Che Guevara does not fade with age. In his native Argentine city of Rosario in 2008-m to year were equipped with 4-meter-high bronze statue, and across the country there are many museums in his name. The Cuban authorities decided to immortalize the revolutionary, depicting him at the local peso, and in the schools of Liberty Island group starts without a song “We’ll be like Che”.

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