for A year, the photographer Frank Lübke and the Journalist, Alexandros Stefanidis for the column “My beloved I” celebrities have portrayed in unexpected Pose. For it was quickly clear: Everyone has to stay a second side, the shines, sometimes brightly, sometimes in the dark. Often you can have this set free – to the astonishment of the reader as Shown.

The star now publishes twelve of these unusual portraits online: this Time, Christian Lindner, Chairman of the FDP.

stern: Mr. Lindner, a Christian Lindner on the photo we know. What is the other guy?

Lindner: He is casual and open. I can laugh about myself, about my moods. You look always dressed up to the nines.

What’s quirky is up to you?

My gear. Some say he look like a slight Limp. Where that comes from, I don’t know. Maybe my legs are different lengths.

ARD summer interview “Outrageous and intolerable”: the network commented on the question of Lindner’s girlfriend

What do you do on a free day?

I get up in the morning and go to Düsseldorf on the market, like to buy Treats.

fruit and vegetables for the Veggie-Day?

Very funny. No, Meat! Or good tobacco from Cuba.

of Course.

What I’m doing but on a typical Saturday like most, is to wash my car. This is a kind of a fetish of mine.

hand wash or car wash?

God forbid! Of Course Hand Washing! I have a 37 year old car that has such a soft, vulnerable lacquer, because the car wash would be a crime.

Hard to imagine, as you in a T-Shirt a car by Hand washing.

you should check your stereo types. You don’t know because this joy, and if you strike with the sponge, the cleavage and the hips?

We are still talking of a car?

of Course.

vintage Porsche?


At a round-table discussion climate change activists storm stage by Christian Lindner and have little to say Of Thomas Krause

How many of these days, you can enjoy year?

Perhaps 20, weekends included.

A somewhat unhealthy Work-Life-Balance: 345 to 20, or?

politics is my Sport.


As in Sport, resistance drives. And I love my freedom, so I do not look unmoved, if this wonderful idea comes under the wheels.

The FDP has triumphed in the state election in 2017. How do you feel after the Wins?

This is perhaps a real character flaw of mine. I can’t be really happy about victories, always think to the next steps. We still have a lot of things.

This Text originally appeared in Bulletin No. 21 on may 18. May 2017.

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