The 25-year-old “Woodstock”anniversary was celebrated in New York in 1994.

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It should be easy: The great anniversary festival “Woodstock 50” is officially canceled. The organizers announced in an official Statement, the “Entertainment Weekly” exists. The Festival, which for the period of 16. to 18. August was recognised already for months not a good.

“We’re sad that a number of unforeseen setbacks, it is impossible for us, has made the Festival that we have presented to us, with the great cast that we had booked, and to provide the social Engagement that we had expected, on the legs,” says organizer Michael Lang (74) in the message.

First of all, the Event, the wanted, the legendary hippy Festival in 1969, resurgence, should Watkins be Glen, but the organizers had no permit. As “Billboard” reported in mid-July, had also been several requests to the organizer from the village of Vernon dismissed, to “Woodstock 50” on the Vernon Downs Racetrack to take place. As the last possible venue of the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia was.

at the end of April was out, also the main investor for the Festival. At the end of July a few main Acts issued then the Festival has been a cancellation, including Rapper Jay Z (49, “99 problems”) and Miley Cyrus (26, “Bangerz”). “We would like to thank the artists, Fans, and partners who stood by us in difficult times,” says Lang, who had already co-organized the Festival of 1969 in Bethel, New York. “My thoughts are with Bethel and its 50-year Existence, the values, such as compassion, human dignity and diversity should affirm.” The artist calls on Long to donate ten percent of its fully paid-Gage to non-profit organizations.

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