Cornelia Funke is not only one of the most well-known German children’s and youth book authors, but also has the most successful international: With 20 million books sold, translated into 37 languages, built up the German story-teller, their own Roman Empire. Her latest work, “the Labyrinth of The Faun” was developed in close collaboration with Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro, whose Film “pan’s Labyrinth” served as a template for the novel. What is in the book and what are the works of Cornelia Funke, read at least the same value, you can find here.

“the Labyrinth of The Faun” (2019)

“pan’s Labyrinth” is a visually stunning fairy tale for adults, the Cornelia Funke, in her novel the new and breathed life into The little Ofelia takes refuge in 1944 in front of your violent stepfather in a forest, which is located directly in front of their new home in the Spanish mountains. There she discovers a mysterious Kingdom where magical creatures live – like the mysterious Faun. He sets her three tasks, which tries to solve them, to rule as Princess of the unseen world. What she doesn’t know at this time: The tasks are not only beautiful, but also extremely cruel.
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“the thief Lord” (2000)

He is a Boy without a name and without a home. As the leader of a gang full of children, he steals from the people of Venice, and sold his stolen goods, then, in order to supply his followers. When the two outliers Prosper and Bo to the group, after they fled from her aunt’s, the whole gang by Detective Victor in danger: As this is the children hot on their trail, threatening to the community to break apart. Fueled by a mysterious job that attracts the group to the lagoon island.
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“Ghost knight” (2011)

The young Jon Whitcroft is a little excited, as he is sent by his mother to boarding school in Salisbury. It’s bad enough he has to share a room with two other students, are to him the dark walls and narrow corridors of the building is scary and rightly so: As after a short time, turns out, life in the boarding school spirits! Three of them stare at him one Night through his room window. Luckily, there are in Salisbury, an expert who has encountered the ghosts and the Spukgesichtern well-versed.
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“ink heart” (2003)

The first part even made it to the cinema: Mo and his daughter Meggie are visited one Night by a mysterious man who wants to the two in front of someone by the name of Capricorn to warn. The following day the father with his daughter to aunt Elinor travels – together with a book, to turning the whole story: On the day that Mo has read out the first Time it disappeared his wife. Since then, he has kept the book a secret. But he is not the Only one who would like to come into the possession of the “ink-heart”.
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“dragon rider” (1997)

is a silver dragon that goes along with the Kobold girl sulfur fur and the orphan boy Ben on a journey: the goal is to find a place to be the same, which is safer than the human world. Driven by the idea that the legendary “hem of heaven” – tucked between the mountains of the Himalayas – could be his new home, the three travelers is a risk to fall into the clutches of stinging fire the Golden. And the world’s most dangerous dragon hunter is already on the heels.
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