Before the Nations League game between France and Germany on Tuesday evening (20:45 Uhr/ARD, WORLD-live scores) to analyze the media in the country of the champion of the world, the crisis of the German national team. In his football talk show, “Team Duga” at Radio Monte Carlo, Christophe Dugarry, France, 1998 world champion has decomposed, several German players relentlessly.

His basic thesis is that there is in the German national team less of a mental Problem, but there is a lack, in the meantime, just quality – and makes the, in particular, to a plurality of players of FC Bayern. “I think of Thomas Müller, Mats Hummels and Jérôme Boateng. You have an enormous media Power, which allows you to still be a regular player for FC Bayern and the national team, even though you have the level.“

Then Dugarry picks out in particular is: “How can Thomas Muller be today part of the German national team? For the past four or five years this Boy is not good. Not to say miserable.“ It was a common German Problem that certain players will enjoy a sacrosanct Status they have built up a sympathy in the Public, corresponding with their services.

“, Müller and Boateng, I don’t believe it”

Joachim Löw slept through it, to learn from the bitter experience of France 2002, Italy 2010 and Spain 2014, respectively, as a world champion in the first round. The have often to be not the courageous step, in time of well-deserved world of the past masters put on young players in the future. “This is the boys have shone at the confederations Cup in 2017 – and then logged off again. You must then continue the game!“, analyzed Dugarry.

he Further explains: “After the European Championships 2016 should have a rethink to take place, at the latest, but after the world Cup this year. And yet, these same players will play. Müller and Boateng, I don’t believe it. In Germany, the old players have the Power. You decide, you will have to nominate themselves for the national team.“ Especially physically, Germany was no longer with these players on the amount: “you will not race. When I look at Boateng – he has wooden legs. Hummels as well.“

Dugarry was as a striker, in 1998, together with the current world champion coach Didier Deschamps a world champion. Nevertheless, both as enemies, are not understood as a player. Today, Dugarry is a large and vocal critic Deschamps’ France – with regard to the defensive play of the team and his personnel decisions.


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