Opel and upper class? That closes somehow. Even if you can drive the price of the Insignia, with a bit of individual equipment to over 70,000 euros, the Opel on the road to the first League as far as the Offenbacher Kickers in football.

Earlier, only everything was different, but in this case, actually even better. Because when the hessians had launched its legendary KAD-family of the captain, Admiral and Diplomat, as one could Park yourself with an Opel yet to Flex its muscles and proudly next to a saloon from Stuttgart.

This is of course particularly true for the Diplomat, the Trio Board of Directors. As the Mercedes of the master Mason, the square-edged sedan with the shiny chrome jewelry and the neat vinyl roof was accepted as well and just as highly regarded as any luxury liner from Stuttgart or Munich. To Audi at that time no one wanted to believe, and with a VW you could make beyond the petty-bourgeoisie no stitch.

especially in the B series, Opel had to offer with the Diplomat from 1969 much: 20.260 Mark, there was a street cruiser of 4,92 meters in length, promising more interior space than a first-class compartment in the back then, Trans-Europe Express said. With the butter soft armchairs you could make any TV tube competition, and amenities such as air conditioning, power steering and automatic, many experienced for the first Time in her life.

The Image of Opel was great, and the price of gasoline is still small. The base engine was a six-cylinder engine with 2.8 liter displacement and 165 HP, with which you could achieve at the time stunning 190 km/h.

And who wanted to treat yourself to something and was able, got behind the bright flash on the grille as a nice greeting from Detroit, the eight-cylinder engine of the legendary Corvette. Designed for the mother of all American sports cars, he took of 5.4 litres of displacement-a proud 230 HP and a maximum of 427 Nm and cracked casual the 200-mark.

Casual cruising thanks to a suspension soft as butter

In the 70s you had a very serious appearance, if one is using the Diplomat pulled up. And also today all of the to turn to the chic Opel. And if you sit yourself behind the wheel, you feel like you are the King of Cool.

As the elbow falls casually on the window sill, while the left Hand reaches into the thin steering Wheel and the right on the walking stick for the auto comes to a rest. Now the sunroof open, the Radio turned up and then the six-cylinder started – let the fun begin.

relaxed and casual, you can cruise with the Diplomat, weighs in gently on the road, you can feel a solid force in the front under the long hood, and enjoys a grandeur, like you models are looking for you in the current Opel in vain.

the car is so sovereign, is not alone in its handsome Format and the surprisingly good driving performance, which can almost keep up with the current models. It is also on the casual driving behavior, which is mainly thanks to the sophisticated DeDion rear axle.

it was an absolute luxury, the Opel against stingy American owners had pushed through. As a result, the Diplomat cushions as soft as butter and ironed cloth, the road smooth as a Table.

in 1977, was the KAD-series

Great body, strong Motor, and for the time pretty a lot of luxury helped it has the Diplomat at the time little. After all, the more the Seventies progressed, the deeper will be the star of Opel is decreased. In 1977, the KAD was adjusted series finally.

Although the Senator and Monza followed shortly thereafter, but were already half a size smaller and had to be reported in the upper class, nothing more. No wonder, then, that the last specimens of the captain, Admiral and Diplomat count after 40 years, therefore, to the popular Opel classic cars – finally, it represents correctly what.


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