From the speaker sounds the voice of the production Manager: “The bridge reports as a barrier against Wind and waves from the northeast. For you so that it can be a bit shaky. 15 minutes to Showtime.” The young men in the locker room look shocked by their vanity mirrors. “Oh, no,” exclaims Honest Ocampo, 31, and his white-painted face looks a little white. “Is it so late already?”

this afternoon, the idea begins exceptionally early, the Filipino Ocampo has his great appearance as a mysterious Jungle. The other acrobats in the Backstage area will have to be quick now: the last strokes of Make-ups, ready to paint, belts, warm-up finish with a split on the cabin floor.

Wind? Waves? Seems to be of interest to anyone here. This would be a challenge for the artists. They belong to the Ensemble of the “Cirque du Soleil at Sea” on the cruise ship “MSC Bellissima”. On the round-trip from Barcelona, from Genoa and return to Valletta to Barcelona samples on six days of the week, the double balancing act: your art pieces to perform on a stage, the rocks often. Even the best acrobats in the world is not an easy Exercise.

Only on the “MSC Bellissima” and “MSC Meraviglia” “MSC Bellissima” in the Middle of the storm: MSC Cruises ship christening of the new Mega-Liners improvise By Till Bartels

“four minutes,” whispers Tom Mehan, head of production, behind the stage, now in his microphone on the Headset. It is the last announcement of the 52-year-old American, before the show starts. All of the 413 seats are occupied this afternoon. The Shows are almost always fully booked, the Name “Cirque du Soleil” is a mix of circus and theatre, which attracts since the mid-80s to the masses. And your spectacle on the high seas – only here and Board the sister ship “MSC Meraviglia”.

the Earlier piano players, dancing, and a casino enough to entertain the audience on cruises. In the meantime, the shipping companies have to compete with ever more elaborate Entertainment programs and special interest tours to passengers. Celebrity chefs accompany gourmet travel, stars bring the audience on Board to Sway (see box, right).

What’s not to love many passengers, others for escapism: those Who go on a cruise, travel in a bubble, the artificial world is the supply of on-Board strengthened. Problems such as pollution and over-tourism would be ignored route in the cities on the trip.

cruise-Entertainment: If the Cirque du Soleil Fullscreen

Circular stage and a giant LED Display In the Carousel Lounge in the stern of the “MSC Meraviglia” is listed specifically for a cruise ship designed Cirque du Soleil Show at Sea from Canada

©Till Bartels

Around 20 million Euro, MSC cruises specifically for the Cirque to the rear of the ship-built theatre costs, with state of the art Sound and lighting technology, ventures on the water almost everything is computer controlled. The Backstage area behind an LED wall that could go with all the cables, units, flashing lights as a command bridge on “Star Trek” by.

Who is watching from the audience at the ceiling, sees dozens of headlights, slings and retractable hook. “Toys”, “toys” is the name of the artists. Just a small sail will be shaken the boat under dramatic music through the air – the scenario for an acrobatic Deposit on the sailing mast. Because, in the “Syma”, one of two Shows on Board, it goes to a sailor who wants to explore the world. Is fitting to tell a story, the on-the-water plays, while the audience navigate their way across the Mediterranean sea.

mermaids and jungle creatures

The sailor Syma suffers shipwreck, ends up in the Depths of the sea and is washed up on a mysterious island. In doing so, he encounters strange beings: synchronous, floating mermaids, or jungle-dwellers with a white face and red-rimmed eyes. It is Honest Ocampo, which now appears on the stage. While he dances, warlike, and rolls over and jumps around, circling a wand around him. Again and again he returns to the hands of the acrobats, as if he were magnetic. Even as the stage tilts slightly to the left, sitting in each Field.

Nabu-cruise-Ranking of 2019, The majority of the ships are still polluters By Till Bartels

“A couple of waves are harmless,” says Ocampo after the presentation. “We had only three, four Times right rough seas. Anyone who wants to, can vary his Part then. But this is only for those of us relevant, which could be severely injured.” About the Couple in “Varélia” with roller skates swirls on a pedestal around. And what if you will get seasick? “Not good,” says Ehrlich Ocampo and laughs. But even then, it fights the idea.

“Öhrlich”, as it is to pronounce his colleagues in English, thanks to the unusual first names a look into the dictionary. His parents wanted the names of all your children begin with the letter “E”, the fifth child had no ideas you. In the lexicon, they discovered the Nobel prize-winner Paul Ehrlich – a better namesake could imagine the mother, a Professor, is hardly. According to you, was disappointed when the Boy wanted to be an Acrobat after the degree in graphic design rather.


The 24-year-old Finn Pipsa Ilpala exercises, juggle balls with hands and feet

©Gunnar Knechtel

“I was just a serious accident with a Taxi escaped,” says Ocampo. “Then I thought: What if I hurt myself and in my life never the big show had?” So he sent an audition video to Cirque du Soleil. Until the longed-for call came, it took three long years.

“shore excursions we often do collectively,”

a Total of 16 artists from nine different Nations have been engaged for “Syma” and “Varélia”. All of the work in both Shows, with a main role with a small Part. Cirque du Soleil has a large database. Once an approximate dramaturgy for a piece that casts the company, the artists, and then months start rehearsing for a long time. On the “Bellissima” was part of the acrobats already jumps and rope dance, as not all cabins were ready. Since January, the 19 Decks are your new, floating home.

christening of “MSC Meraviglia” delusions of grandeur on the lake: This is Europe’s largest cruise ship – until now, Of Till Bartels

“So huge the ship is, of course, there will be one here someday too tight,” says the Finn Pipsa Ilpala, 24. “But the Team together even more. Each of us shares with the other a cabin, even the Landausfthe lie we often make together,” says Ilpala. The other day she ate in Naples, a Pizza, and visited the ruins of Pompeii, before they slipped back on Board, back in her costume.

Hours Training

Pipsa Ilpala will interact with the white blond hair of the pass is often called “the nymph of the circus” re-detected. With acrobatics you started with nine. Up to six hours a day with you and your colleagues: Cardio, Fitness, Stretching plus common samples on the stage to train. The acrobats errors creep in sometimes.

cruise Guide Awards, 2019, The are the cruise ships of the year By Till Bartels

Suddenly, the Salto runs less round, does not fit the flow very precisely to the music. Therefore, you will be supported, such as athletes of a trainer. The samples at the lunch before the Shows Ocampo lets be Honest, six Hula-hoops on the arms and legs rotate on what looks to the layman is quite impressive, the trainer still appears to be bumpy. So once again from the front. And then once more.

“Sometimes you need to practice 200 Times, so that it sits even,” says Pipsa Ilpala. You put your Bank for the Training, as always, close to the window, to see through the open sea. To juggle the Finn back on the bench and begins with three large balls with the feet. “With his props, like in a relationship,” she says. “Sometimes everything runs harmoniously, sometimes we argue a bit, but we always come back to each other.”

Meanwhile, Ilpala swirls up to six balls with hands and feet at the same time through the air, and so fast, that it looks after a dozen. Sometimes you find that you write a Whatsapp and almost forget that there are still a few balls circling at her feet.

At the evening performance hours later, Pipsa Ilpala at the peak of your performance tires will also have a white car with a Ball in it to balance without falling out. As she then runs through the audience and returned backstage, turns a small Boy to her and stretches recognizing both a thumbs up. Ilpala smiles. Again, everything went smoothly. As the mirror shines smooth as the Mediterranean sea under the moon light.

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