if you would like to see horses fly, should go to the United States. Actually, it comes to miniature horses, the height of the shoulder according to the official US Definition in the rule is between 61 and 86 centimeters, weight is between 32 kg and 45 kg. The U.S. Department of transportation published a few days ago guidelines, which affirm that dogs, cats and even miniature horses have to be taken on intra-American flights under certain conditions of Airlines in the cabin and free of charge. The course makes for amazement, then, when all of a sudden a pig in the cabin. Airlines is accustomed to massive abuse.

The scheme has a serious Background, but it needs Convinced that airlines increasingly miss. Are admitted to the so-called Service Animals, people with physical impairments or mental illnesses, guide dogs for the blind are instructed, for example. Also specially trained miniature horses to count according to a Definition by the Ministry of justice, where you can find a lot of rare use as assistance dogs. They come about when people used the dogs to refuse on religious grounds or against them are allergic.

dispute over therapy pet, and she wanted to fly with your squirrel in a wheelchair to leave the aircraft, Emotional Support Animals are anxiety attacks preventing

A scheme of the Ministry of transport from 2003 makes it clear that Service Animals and animals that are not trained for a specific task: so-called Emotional Support Animals. They should support their owners, suffering from, for example, under anxiety attacks or depression, by your mere presence in an emotional way. Prerequisite is the certification of a physician or psychologist that the person is dependent for psychological reasons, to the animal.

In the case of these Emotional Support Animals, airlines scenting substance abuse. You have the suspicion that some pet owners leave their Pets in a simple umdeklarieren. The umbrella Association Airlines for America (A4A) criticized that false certifications on the Internet are available and that the passengers took advantage of the scheme, in order to circumvent the conditions of carriage of the airlines. These animals are on Board for a fee.

Service Animals fly for free

While the airlines for Service Animals no charge, it looks at the regular carriage of animals in a different way: So fall about at the airline, United, for cats, dogs, rabbits or birds in the cabin is $ 125 (about 110 euros) per animal and the route of. A4A estimates, according to U.S. media reports that in 2016, approximately 481.000 Emotional Support Animals on US flights on the go. 2017 there were, therefore, already 751.000. A few days ago, the Association said, in the past year more than a Million passengers had taken, emotional support animals on the plane with you.

include the types of the Emotional Support Animals, has not been defined in 2003 – the revenge. The Ministry of transport laid down at the time, only that “unusual Service do not need to be transported Animals” that constituted a safety or health risk. “Snakes and other reptiles, ferrets, rodents and spiders certainly fall within this category of animals,” it said. Otherwise, it must be decided in each individual case, taking into account the weight and size of the animal.

are The most common according to information from the Ministry of transport dogs or cats for “emotional support” Board. Always bizarre incidents with animals headlines that are not commonly on the travel: As a traveler, brought in last October as a Emotional Support Animal declared squirrel in a pilot of Frontier Airlines, which is expressly permitted by any rodents on Board. After the woman refused to leave the plane had to disembark all the passengers.

In December 2014, a woman was able to take her Emotional-Support pig while on Board a U.S. Airways flight, according to US media reported. After the animal did his business in the aisle of the cabin, had a pig and the owner left the plane but before the Start of the application. A duck named Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt was, however, according to a report in the “Washington Post” in October 2016 in a machine of American Airlines travel. United refused again in February 2018, a peacock, the Boarding because the Airline found him too big and too heavy.

mini horses now expressly

U.S. admitted carriers finally started to toughen the conditions for the carriage of Emotional Support Animals. They demanded that these animals are nothing more than Service Animals to be recognised. Could not prevail, you, as the new guidelines show that The animals remain on Board allows. And not only dogs, cats and miniature horses are now approved expressly. Also, Airlines may refuse all other animal species categorically. For this, you are permitted to, among other things, documents about vaccinations, or to the behavior of the animal demand.

The Ministry of transport in the policy is also clear that certain dog may breeds are not generally excluded. This goes against the American airlines-Delta: you had stated in the past year, pit bull is not more than Service Animals be allowed. After the Delta information previously, employees had been bitten. The Airline was with the step angry protests: More than 240,000 people signed a Online signed the Petition calling for pit bull ban to lift.

Additional source: “Washington Post -”

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