led by Ursula von der Leyen last week, a meeting of the UN security Council, women in peace missions. A small wooden hammers, submitted to the authority of the good-humored defense of swipe Minister. Even as she spoke, shortly afterwards, on the banks of the East River on their visit to New York, there was nothing to feel by the hardness of the struggle that leads you straight in Berlin. The members of the Committee of inquiry grilled almost at the same time in the hall E700 of the Bundestag to the consultant affair with one of her Familiar.

Andreas Conradi, 50 years old, light hair had Appeared. For four years he served as chief of the operational headquarters of the Minister. Now he performs as a top in-house lawyer to the internal investigations. Not only the Opposition went to the tools sharp, but also Dennis Rohde of the government party, the SPD: Did my research, Conradi really energetic enough? Why was Ex-state Secretary Katrin Suder treated so gently?

By Ursula von der Leyen personally,

hired For weeks, the deputies dig through mountains of files. In dozens of cases, employees of the Minister, have broken the procurement law or circumvented, and orders issued directly to consulting firms, without competition. All of this again and again also under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of state Suder. Of the Leyen, the former McKinsey had been hired as a consultant in person in August 2014. And the Secretary of state did, in fact, moved a bit, says a colleague: “she has brought Drive clean and cleaned out.”

from the arbitration But in April 2018, the 47-Year-old again. She wanted to take more care of the family. She went before the Federal court of auditors denounced in a series of Reports, the Rule-breaking violations that the Ministry “is tacitly accepted or even encouraged”, as the examiner wrote in August 2018. In the case of orders with a total of almost 100 million euros, the cost-effectiveness had been examined in the majority of cases, neither the need yet.


Von der Leyen in the storm that precedes the genes of the week upon arrival in New York

©Kay Nietfeld/DPA

Ursula von der Leyen assured, in November, set for Suder “your Hand in the fire”. Quite bluntly, she tries to put the blame on the Small deport: There is a lack of the “training of employees”, which were entrusted with the assignment. “The try, the responsibility-to-bottom pass,” says the Left party Deputy Matthias Höhn: “The anchor of salvation.”

extensive documentation from the Ministry, which could evaluate the star now along with the ARD magazine “Report München”, to show that it is not only officials were far from involved from the political leadership. The tracks lead to the Secretary of state.

For example, in the case of the long-term Suder-Known Oliver Triebel. At one time she was at McKinsey, his Boss, today he sits with her in a body of the organization “Save the Children”. In 2015 the run from his company Lead Academy made losses, a payment from remained first. The same time orders came in from the Ministry. He received 14,000 euros for two internal events with Suder in November 2015 to prepare and to moderate. Triebel has introduced his bill, already four days before the appointments had taken place. Quickly for more orders: a total of more than 380,000 euros, followed by 2018.


Triebels lawyer assures that a “reservation stock technical loss” of the company in 2015, only “for a short period of time”, because “a payment has been, as planned, by the end of 2015, but early 2016 is transferred”. Subsequently, the company was financed by a “very good” and not have needed new consulting contracts.

the Ministry’s head of Department Conradi pushed in November, the responsibility for the moderation job of the defence Committee to the procurement office. Of the Triebel got the job, he said, according to internal Protocol. The acts say: The man was hired because he was a good friend of the Secretary of state and their officials, the procurement office asked. The project organization, armament management, which was Suder, reasoned Engagement with the “relationship of trust” that connect the two Ex-colleagues: “The chemistry must be right,” – said in a note dated 30. September 2015.


A General with Connections – Erhard Bühler was not a Partner of the adviser

©Felix Kästle/DDP

The oddities listen here. Parts of a “description of services” of the Ministry of 30. September 2015 to the operations, are to be found almost the same text in a quotation, the Triebel even at 8. October 2015 events – such as the Council, “in particular, executives do not get the feeling that they are for certain difficulties directly responsible”. In the same paper Triebel was the price of 14,000 euros. And he emphasized his good acquaintance with Suder. Previously, he had met twice with a member of staff of the project organization.

The Secretary of state have worked in the past, “with Mr. Triebel at least one consultancy project in the public sector are extremely positive,” noted the Ministry’s internal. But, it is not conceivable that they asked Suder once, but only to the left, what is told to you in the Triebel on his good wires to the Boss?

One can understand “no personal engagement,” by Suder “”, assures the Ministry. Triebel, in turn, insure, Suder got it, but a certain Gundbert Scherf. The is another former McKinsey man, the Suder 2014 to the Ministry, a Confidant brought with him – so also. Triebel, his attorney received “a call” by Scherf, “after further telephone contacts and commissions”.

“Preferred Partner”

The lawyer assures, moreover, the follow-up orders to the consultant had been “advertised”. The court summarizes the course of the business relationship in a different way: “In the years 2016 and 2017, more Orders followed without the competition,” – said in a report. The German army had given follow – on orders – for example, for the Organisation of Workshops-again with the “relationship of trust”. In addition, Triebel had been incorporated already. Meanwhile, the Ministry itself recognises that procurement law has been broken. But – as I said – Suder was not to blame. Triebel is not the only companion of Katrin Suder, the found work. Orders in the same two-digit million amount went to the Agency, Accenture, at the Timo Noetzel, the “Managing Director” for the business with the Bundeswehr. Previously he was at McKinsey. Since 2005 or 2006, he knows the Three-star General.rd Buhler. Noetzel has always worked for him. The General was even a godfather for the five children of the consultant. Shortly after Suder was started in the year 2014, became the General head of the division of planning in the Ministry, responsible for large-scale digitisation projects. In the following year, Noetzel showed up as a consultant in the Ministry. As he had here, now, dozens of his Accenture colleagues. In the Intranet of Accenture Noetzel 2017 boasted: Buhler’ve hired Accenture. And now they are “the preferred Partner” for the General.

Exclusive Ursula von der Leyen experts, If, for political scientists IT: So strange, the Bundeswehr orders Of Hans-Martin Tillack

For example, for the project, PLM, short for Product Lifecycle Management. awards The goal: to collect data, weapons systems, and to evaluate, to create at the end of “spare parts planning algorithms”. Should we start with the transport aircraft Airbus A400M, followed by the tanks, the Boxer and the Corvette K 130. Over eleven million euros should collect a consultant from Accenture for this alone until the end of 2019 – that is the Plan.

the consultants wrote. Accenture people around Noetzel sat at a Meeting in September 2017 at the table, loaded the Noetzels Duzfreund Buhler had. The “frame data of the personnel needs and the Budget were developed jointly with Accenture,” said a Colonel in an internal survey by the end of 2018. So as a the advisers would have to say for yourself how many of them needs of the Ministry.

A senior auditor from the court of auditors wondered in the Committee of inquiry. Any officer or soldier with experience of life must have such a process “at least a false feeling.”

“breach of public procurement law”

But thanks to a detour Noetzel and co. came without any invitation to tender the lucrative contract. Of the Leyens Ministry of the consultants had a framework contract with a third company to pay, the government procured actually, IBM Software, and maintain.

of The studied Administrative Sciences Noetzel reckoned for its services through the framework agreement 1600 Euro per day as a “Software architect” – normally this would be a computer scientist. Accenture rejects the “submission of false information” yet “in the strongest possible terms”: You’ve used the “defined categories” in the Ministry “required under the contract”.

Sure it is: on 25. September, 2018, the Department of Bühler forwarded an invoice for “Software architects” as Noetzel to the procurement office and asked to pay. The show the star of this documentation. “At least as to political scientists as a Software architect settled, would have had to be Involved, it is obvious that the framework agreement is misused,” concludes, the Green MP Tobias Lindner.

survey, Only 23 percent of the Leyen in the right place, dpa,

Already on 7. August 2018, the court was gegrätscht in between. With the abuse of the IBM agreement for payments to Accenture had been violated “procurement law”, noted the auditors. But here, too, want to be neither Buhler nor Suder. It Noetzel called the Secretary of state in his company Blog in June 2017 as a supporter, as one of the two of the world’s most important high-level government clients for the company. “Suder signalled the green light for all ongoing projects,” he wrote after Meeting her. A photo in the Agency’s Intranet shows in October of 2017, radiant in addition to Noetzel and women from his Team.

In the case of an internal survey at the end of November Suder insured: “in Principle,” she had been “in the selection decisions” involved. However, in the files, evidence, justify doubt.


For example, a Mail an Accenture employee in the procurement office of the German armed forces from January 2018. He wanted to drive the PLM project. The Secretary of state Suder had commissioned the study on the example of the A400M,””, reasoned the adviser to his request for a Meeting.

According to a statement by Accenture “should be the instruction to do this directly from Dr. Suder”, concluded for the aircraft technology of the competent government official in the procurement office in a survey conducted in November. He had wondered about that. Because, actually, the Airbus is said to be suitable “as a pilot project for the introduction of PLM from a project perspective.”

Suder left the Ministry with the “gold cross of honour of the Bundeswehr”, awarded in recognition of their commitment. In August, the Chancellor called Angela Merkel to the Head of the newly founded Digitalrats of the Federal government – a position she holds until today.


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