Lauf an der Pegnitz – 33 students, three teachers, a bus driver, and himself saved a teacher (50) on Monday, as he responded courageously and quickly in a dangerous Situation. The group was in a bus on the A9 on the way to southern Bavaria, as the 58-year-old bus driver at the wheel lost consciousness, as reported. He saved the entire group, that may be the life.

the bus driver is unconscious – teacher mind reacts currently

The Bus after the driver was alleged to have become due to a medical problem, unconscious, against the guard rail, rebounded and lurched with undiminished speed on the highway. This is the teacher who sat in the passenger seat noticed, and reached into the control, so The Portal refers to information from the police.

a class trip to Ruhpolding: teacher saves students before the Bus accident

The bus driver regained consciousness and was able to steer the Bus from the highway and stop. According to the immediately alerted the rescue service brought the man to the Klinikum Nuremberg, students and teachers got away with a scare.

The group consisted of the 12. Class of a comprehensive school, from Brunswick, was on a class trip to Ruhpolding. An official of the police was driving the Bus, according to to the next Parking lot. School class and teachers were picked up by a Replacement bus. A total damage of approximately 12,000 Euro on the Bus and the guard rail, so

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