Today, The woman at the Grill “Anja Auer presents” a recipe that is one particularly close to heart: “This recipe is not sprung my creativity. I stole it from but nowhere else. However, the after that prepared dish eaten more often – even if it’s been a long time, and the cook, unfortunately, no longer with us today: My dear grandma, it was, in fact, the made me this way of preparing pork ribs… and grandma’s have been well known, always the best recipes!”

The ribs on the herb as a One-Pot-dish

Hiking The beauty of this dish: All the ingredients and side dishes in a roasting pan. There are no extra pots or pans need to be sought. Which minimizes, of course, the time of Washing after the meal, max.

The court is preparing itself to

Are only placed once, all the ingredients and side dishes in the roaster, you can devote yourself to other things. That was, of course, to my grandma to come back to a wonderful time-saving thing, because you had to take care of daily from the Morning until in the Evening, the household, agriculture, and hungry children, or as in my case, the grandchildren.

this recipe

the first 90 minutes of the cooking time should be cooked with the lid closed. The reason for this is So the court can dampen comfortable, without that liquid is lost. And on the other The ribs as the top layer place. Why? Because the may run out of the ribs, fluid leaking nicely on the herb and this has a great taste. The second Phase (50 minutes) of cooking time remove the lid of the Tray: the ribs get skin a beautiful dark outside.

extra tip: Who on the recipe used cumin but not cumin seeds to bite, the used ground cumin.

Bavarian ribs to grandma’s way

servings: 2 (note: sounds with 1 kg of ribs, much per the nose, ribs, however, contain a lot of bones!)
preparation time: 20 minutes cooking time: 140 minutes

the ingredients for Bavarian ribs to grandma’s Art1 kg schälripp Chen, 0.5 kg of cabbage, 0.5 kg of potatoes 2 onions 1 TBSP cumin 750 ml water 2 TBSP salt 1 TBSP pepper 1 TBSP paprikapul Verso prepare free skin Bavarian ribs to grandma’s way toothe Schälripp of the silver, wash, Pat dry and season with salt, pepper & paprika seasoning. The herb white into rough pieces and cut in the roasting dish place and sprinkle with caraway seeds. The water in the roasting pan and the ribs. The potatoes and the onions, and the ribs around to place peel and cut into quarters. At 160 to 180 degrees for 90 minutes with lid and another 50 minutes without a lid in the oven or closed Grill cooking. Occasionally check if there is still water in the roasting pan, if necessary topping up.The recipe for Bavarian pork ribs to grandma’s way in the Video

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