Germany missed, according to the latest climate protection report 2018 its climate targets for the year 2024. Instead of the target of 40 percent less greenhouse gases than in 1990, the reduction of emissions in Germany is, therefore, only about 32 percent. The Federal government wants to achieve the reduction target of 40 percent, but “as quickly as possible,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

The climate action report according to which about 110 measures 2014 adopted by the Federal government, a reduction of between 43 and 56 million tonnes of carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas produced during combustion of coal, Oil, and Gas. Originally, it had been calculated on the basis of 62 to 78 million tonnes of savings. According to the environment Ministry, Germany would have come about without the action programme up to the year 2024, only 28 to 29 percent. For 2030, the target of 55 per cent less in-house mission Drift.

In the coalition agreement, the Federal government committed to a package of measures, so that the climate target for 2030 is reliably achieved and the gap to the 40-percent target will be closed by 2024 as quickly as possible. By 2024, a step forward for the energy sector was expected to, inter alia, through a Reform of the EU emissions trading system. However, this progress is due to higher emissions in the areas of transport and buildings would be partially negated, as it says in the climate protection report.

“receipt for year-long idleness”

environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD), said: “Germany was in the area of climate protection in recent years, in spite of some progress in the turnaround in energy policy overall, not yet on target.” The report shows that the Federal government should take urgent new climate-protection measures. “For the Coal phase-a good Plan on the table that now needs to be a targeted energy transition policy is now,” urged the Minister.

Bernd Riexinger, Chairman of the left party, called the miss climate goals, “no Surprise in the case of a policy that represents the wishes of the business constantly before the needs of humans and the environment”. Also Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter, said of the climate protection report was “the receipt for the year-long inaction” of the government. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had to ensure “that climate protection is finally begun in all sectors,” demanded Hofreiter. The FDP called for a “substantive new beginning” in the Ministry of the environment. Minister Schulze invest “haphazard in expensive programs with incalculable financial risks,” criticized the FDP member of the Bundestag Ulla.


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