Come, investments, large and small: why Zelensky in vain screamed in Davos (editor-in-chief, Ukraine)

President Vladimir Zelensky in Davos urged to invest in Ukraine. Promised the investors who have invested 10 million dollars large bun, and the investors who have invested 100 million and more — a very large bun.

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That’s good. Just didn’t tell the President where to invest. In bonds of the public debt, in the purchase of Ukrainian land, in funding another corrupt hyperloop “Ukrainian Railways”?

Without development, or let’s say it directly, without creating a newly-developed high-tech industry, Ukraine will remain a raw material appendage of colonial or Russia or the European Union. How much classroom series we have not been removed.

I am Afraid that investors will not invest either in lying on the side of the factory Antonov, nor the incense-breathing rocket enterprises, especially in the automotive or electronic industry, because it has — in fact — no.

No Ukrainian tidbits for investment. Wasted, squandered and plundered the Soviet legacy. It is necessary to create the industry anew. Knowledge-intensive producing, primarily technology, not producing pig iron.

Here is an example. Svezhak. This week Toyota invested 394 Millishe dollars in the developer electric commuter jet with vertical takeoff and landing Joby Aviation, and the total investment in the company will amount to 720 million dollars.

unfortunately, the Joby Aviation company based in Ukraine, and in California in 2009. It projected air taxi vertical takeoff and landing, can fly more than 240 miles on a single charge with a speed of 300 km/h. This is the future.

And we have the President promises a personal Manager to protect penny, in fact, investment in the past — in the existing commodity economy.

Think so.

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