The Argentine specialist has long been on the brisk of resignation, but every time various circumstances helped him to keep his post. On November 19, 2019 he was finally fired from his post. Usually the fans are positive about termination of cooperation with a specialist. Indeed, the break up often results from unsatisfactory performance of the team, but in this case sports betting – and the fans feel more unhappy than satisfied with the decision. 

            What achievements Mauricio can boast of? Let’s count:

  1. The Champions League Final.
  2. The Football League Cup Final.
  3. The second places in the Premier League.

Despite the lack of trophies, as evidenced by the results on, the team’s fans are grateful to him for 5 years of working in London. It was he who brought the Spurs back to the elite of English and European football. It was he who built the team’s current game. It was he who revealed and turned unknown players into stars. Of course, no one can relieve him from responsibility for the team’s current results in the Premier League and the European club tournament, but it’s not that large. 

Many believe that it’s the management that is the main culprit of the current situation and sports betting – fully agrees. To some extent, the Argentine coach became hostage of the circumstances and any other specialist could be in his place.

Standard reason for dismissing by live tennis

            14th place in the championship race doesn’t correspond to the club’s ambitions, but what have the bosses done to improve the team’s results? Have built a new stadium? Indeed, the old home of the Spurs was too old and required changes, so everyone is grateful for the new arena. But, like live tennis, everyone is outraged by the missing transfer policy of the club. 

            Rather, there is one, but it doesn’t fully correspond to the ambition. The team’s bosses don’t want to invest in new players at all, explaining this by large financial investments in infrastructure development. But many years of experience proves that a little of “fresh blood” from season to season makes it possible for successful teams to remain on the top for a long time and win trophies.  

            On this basis, a conflict arose between the coach and the management, which resulted in the dismissal of the former. Well, we have nothing left but to follow the results of the team on live tennis and wonder who will become a new steersman of the Spurs.