Complexity of vacation credit: the banks refused to the victims of the coronavirus in the support

Under the act on credit vacation covers persons whose income fell by more than 30%. Would the banks have to support borrowers who are unable to fulfill obligations because of a pandemic?

“the Disagreement of the banks may cause criteria that defines affected by the coronavirus, namely, the drop in income by more than 30%. For credit institutions this may be a weak argument, it is therefore possible manipulation by financial institutions, not to recognize the citizen or business affected,” — said a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky.

“the Central Bank and the state Duma Committee on financial markets will monitor the situation and the case of unjustified refusal by the Bank to provide credit vacation, is to take measures”, — said the expert of the company XCritical Jan Art.

But the Institute of vacation credit to the Russians? We will remind, today the total credit debt of Russians to banks is more than 11 trillion rubles. Experts believe that due to consequence of a pandemic coronavirus in Russia there will be a category of citizens, which earlier had good financial discipline, but in the current circumstances is unable to perform its obligations by reason of force majeure.

the Banks would agree to such support, says the founder of CRM–service for entrepreneurs Dmitry Ivanochek. “For the implementation of this support measures, the Central Bank will provide additional financing. Earlier, the Central Bank has allocated 500 billion rubles for the restructuring of loans, he says. — The General debt of legal entities to the end of 2019, up from 57 trillion. Suggest that vacation credit will really support afloat at least some of the companies that are now on the verge of bankruptcy”.

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