Many of us feel like saving some of our bucks and getting rid of the set-top box clutched to our TV. There are times we feel that we do not need a cable TV subscription for the sake of more channels that we do not watch anyway or we are annoyed by dealing with its lousy customer support service that is too slow to be productive. But it all depends on our experiences with the current cable TV providers we have subscribed to. Not all providers offer the same quality of services. Some are ruling over the market and have been able to retain their customers for long. But generally, we do see a rise in a trend where more and more users are deserting cable TV and opting for the more popular streaming services. A high-speed and reliable internet has been able to offer this substitute for cable TV. For example, if you’re someone who is already subscribed to one of the Optimum internet plans and enjoying seamless internet connectivity, streaming services will seem a more captivating option to get access to thousands of shows, movies and what not! No doubt, TV on the internet concept has gained widespread acceptance and popularity. Yes, this does mean that it might be the right time for you to cut the cord but before you cancel your cable TV subscription, some stuff needs to be considered to avoid any trouble later. Check them out!


Your Internet Cost and Data Limit

You probably already have an internet subscription as part of a bundle offer since cable companies usually offer bundled services. Since they would not want their customer to cancel the TV subscription, you need to check if your provider is charging more for an internet-only service. If the cost seems budget-friendly, you can go for it. If that is not the case, it is time to look for a better internet plan that is cheaper and more reliable than your current one.

You also need to check for any data limits imposed by your provider. Streaming services usually eat up data quickly so if you are a heavy streamer, you must switch to an unlimited data plan so you can make the most out of your streaming service. The internet plans with unlimited data might cost more as compared to the data-limited plans. You will have to do some research to find the best options available around you.

Local Channels Might be Missed Out

Generally, one of the drawbacks of availing streaming services is the lack of local broadcast channels. This is why households use antennas to catch free over the air local channels. Though many streaming services might enable you to watch many of them on demand if not all.

Is There Room for Better Negotiations With your Cable TV Provider?

Many cable TV providers are willing for negotiations since they do not want their customers to abandon them. You can take advantage and consider calling your provider and telling them you are about to cancel your TV subscription. If things work out, you can get a $10 or $20 drop in the monthly bill. A lower cable TV bill can help you save a good amount of money and make you reconsider the cord-cutting decision.

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Your Channel Line Up

Before cutting the cord, you need to know which channels and shows you love watching and cannot live without. Your TV must-haves should help you make a better decision. It is better to make a list of channels and shows you want to watch. You might realize that you do not want to miss any live sports or a current season on the air. So you might want to stick to your cable TV subscription along with Netflix for fulfilling the entertainment needs of your family and yourself.

Are you More into Watching Sports?

It is the hardest decision for sports lovers when it comes to finally cutting the cord. This is because they might not have access to channels offering live sports and local games. However, some streaming services like Fubo TV or YouTube TV have added more sports channels to cater to this demand.

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Checking for the Right Device

You surely do not need a cable box for accessing the streaming services but you might need some device to watch any of these services. You might have to purchase a streaming device like a Roku device. Nevertheless, it is still cheaper than paying equipment fees to cable providers.

Limits on Number of Users

The number of users accessing the streaming service simultaneously might be limited. This means that not everyone in your house might be able to watch stuff on separate devices at the same time.

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It Can Come with Some Hassle

When you are used to cable services, you might face a little hassle in juggling among the shows to find out what you want to watch. For those who are used to it, they do not find it hard to look out for content among the vast online libraries available to them.

The Bottom Line

Cutting the cord might be a critical decision to make but it can be worth it. You can get access to a greater amount of content at cheaper prices. You are free to pick whatever you want to watch anytime you want to watch it. Before you go through the cord cutting process, it is recommended that you look into the important aspects of what you will be saving, the number of users who will access the streaming service at the same time, availability and cost of high-speed internet that is required, your desired shows and channels and how much it suffices your entertainment needs.  Cutting the cord might prove to be a good choice for you and your family. Therefore, you can take the aforementioned into consideration to be able to reach the right conclusion of whether it is the right time for you to cut the cord.