The third season “Killing Eve” can be seen in Germany earlier than expected. As of Friday, April 24, 2022, the eight new episodes will start broadcasting weekly on Starzplay (via app, Amazon Prime Video Channels or Apple TV app). The British series has already given the two leading actresses Sandra Oh (48) and Jodie Comer (27) prestigious prizes and is extremely popular. On the well-known international critic portal “Rotten Tomatoes” there is an average of 90 percent approval among professionals and 87 percent among viewers.

Attention, the following content description contains spoilers. If you don’t want to experience them, you shouldn’t read on!

“Killing Eve” is about two women who share an obsession with one another and a brutal past. MI6 agent Eve (Sandra Oh) chases psychopathic hit man Villanelle (Jodie Comer). As the leader of a small undercover unit, she has one goal in mind: she wants to find the murderer, find her and thereby get close to her clients. The cat-and-mouse game fluctuates between progress and setbacks. For example, Eve’s long-time boss Villanelle is killed and a former colleague unmasked as a mole. A showdown is inevitable.

Season two begins 30 seconds after the cliffhanger. Eve went into a state of shock after the violence and Villanelle disappeared. But she is not dead, the killer continues to mischief. Eve gets a new team and also reveals a secret from Carolyn (Fiona Shaw). Once again, Eve defies the rules. But does she get away scot-free? Meanwhile, Villanelle is dissatisfied with her future role. What can she do about it? A surprise is looming.

In the third season, Villanelle is unemployed and considers Eve dead. The former MI6 agent plans to keep Villanelle in this belief forever and to hide from her. Eve’s plan also works initially. But can your life really work without your “favorite drug”? Then their paths cross again after a devastating death. Family, friends and loyalties are at stake in both women as they reunite.

Sandra Oh alias Eve Polastri is known from the “Grey’s Anatomy” series of doctors. In the first ten seasons she played Dr. Cristina Yang and received the Golden Globe for her performance in 2006 in the category “Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini Series or a TV Movie”. With her second Golden Globe triumph, she made history in 2019: she won in the category “Best Series Actress – Drama”. Oh is the first Asian woman who managed to win several Golden Globes and only the second Asian woman to assert herself in this main category.

The role as Villanelle was the international breakthrough for the British Jodie Comer. She snatched Sandra Oh away from Emmy as the best leading actress in a drama series in 2019.

The cast also includes, among others, Kim Bodnia (55) alias Konstantin Vasiliev, Sean Delaney (26) alias Kenny Stowton, Owen McDonnell (46) alias Niko Polastri and Fiona Shaw (61) alias Carolyn Martens. Season three includes Dame Harriet Walter (69, most recently seen in “Rocketman”), Pedja Bjelac (57, known as Igor Karkaroff in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”) or Gemma Whelan (39, known as Asha Graufreud in ” Game of Thrones ”) to the drama ensemble.

It is a tradition behind the camera at “Killing Eve” that women hold the scepter in their hands. In season three, Suzanne Heathcote (“Fear the Walking Dead”) was the lead writer and executive producer. The team of executive producers also includes Phoebe Waller-Bridge (34), who dominated the Emmy Awards in 2019 with her drama series “Fleabag” and won two Golden Globe Awards in 2022.


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