German car drivers should Express their displeasure over a ticket better in Private, otherwise it gets really expensive. Who shows, for example, a police officer of the outstretched middle finger as a finger is known, can be according to merit with a fine of up to € 4,000 punished.

policeman reduced punishment, woman is thankful with a finger

To the vulgar belongs to gesture to one of the most expensive insults in the German road traffic. In the United States, however, the finger belongs to the freedom of expression. This was decided by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in mid-March, as the news portal New York Times reported.

The appeals court heard a case that had already in June of 2017. At the time, a police officer in the U.S. state of Michigan stopped a woman for speeding. However, I have shown the officials graciously and give her a ticket for a less serious offence was issued to the was also correspondingly cheaper.

So, still dissatisfied, had left the wife and I showed the COP the finger, or as it was said in the opinion: “the seemingly ungrateful for the reduction of the penalty, they made an all-too-familiar Hand gesture, without four of your fingers were.”

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US court’s verdict: stink finger is expression

Subsequently, the officers stopped the woman and gave her a ticket for speeding. The was not permitted to make the police officer according to the court, because the gesture was not sufficient to justify a again to Stop.

The woman sued the officers for violation of their freedom of expression, unwarranted detention and restriction of their freedom. The court gave the wife the right that shown the middle finger of the US is protected by the Constitution as freedom of expression.

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