Munich – Paola Maria is one of the great Stars of the Influencers of the scene. The 25-Year-old alone in the case of Instagram, 3.9 million Followers and, thanks to your other Social Media platforms, with each contribution but thousands of people. Especially in the case of Youtube, the pretty dark-haired is active, recorded almost 170 million views. Now the mother of a small son, mega showed a hot – plump XXL décolleté thrilled the Fans!

Youtube-Star Paola Maria shows mega hot

Paola Maria was Born in October 1993. The Childhood she spent in Italy and Germany. Many Fans of the breath as you are told on Youtube, like you, had to her sister and mother from a violent father and flee. Meanwhile, Cologne is the home of Paola Maria. Their successful Influencer-a career for which you hung the perfumery craft on the nail started. Since September 2017, the 25-Year-old Alexander Koslowski is married. He is also a well-known Youtuber, turned with his Cousin Dimitri the successful Format of “The outsiders” (more than 500 million views). Since December, the happiness of the young couple is perfect: Sonny Leonardo came to the world.

The face of Paola Mary’s Baby

check out this post on Instagram

a Boy or a girl ? The will learn you in the MORNING on a YouTube channel, We are over the moon

A post shared by P A O L A M A R I A (@paola) on Sep 3, 2018 at 4:54 PM PDT

In the case of Instagram is Paola Maria your numerous Fans, of course, a part of her life. To see, there are fashion trends, private snapshots – but also intimate moments with her husband Alexander, and Baby Leonardo. Striking: The Internet star pays attention meticulously to the fact that the face of the small child is not to be seen. In an Interview with Paola Maria said to the sensitive topic: “together, We have decided not to show it in the network. We do not find, as he is pure.”

Youtube-mom Paola Maria post image with message

Now enthusiastic Paola Maria hot your Followers, however, with a mega-image with XXL-cleavage. The Post shows after the birth, again visibly in the Form of brought-Mama, the legs of lounging on a turquoise and white background. The Youtuberin wearing a sun hat with a wide brim, a black swimsuit with a very plunging neckline. The message of “Love yourself” (English: love yourself). The great image by the way in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

XXL-cleavage in the case of Youtuberin Paola Maria – the Fans

check out this post on Instagram

a Boy or a girl ? The will learn you in the MORNING on a YouTube channel, We are over the moon

A post shared by P A O L A M A R I A (@paola) on Sep 3, 2018 at 4:54 PM PDT

The Fans are naturally very excited about so much attractiveness. More than 100,000 times the image was liked each other, 410 comments left by the User. “Wow, You’re beautiful,” writes a user, very excited. And it is far from the Only one. “You can tell just how proud You are to Your body,” said another Fan. However, there are also critical voices. A user writes: “Love yourself, but Photoshop, and breast augmentation.” Again and again there have been rumors, Paola Maria in the Breasts operate. Has not commented on the otherwise so talkative Youtuberin so far.

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