The new season of the Bayreuth festival began with a scandal. The music festival was opened on Thursday with Richard Wagner’s “Tannhäuser”. Numerous prominent guests, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder and former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, had climbed to the occasion, the Green hills. They experienced a memorable evening, but it is not necessarily the original staging by Director Tobias Kratzer will be remembered.

It was the behavior of a part of the audience, which gave the evening a bad aftertaste. Because the audience booed at the end of the more than three-hour performance by a cast: the drag Queen Le Gateau Chocolat. Individual actors will be punished at the end of the Evening from the audience, is in principle not unusual. For example, if the viewers individual vocal performances don’t have to like it. Often the Director gets to feel the displeasure, as it is often the productions be modern, as it pleases the conservative Wagnerianern.

the audience at the Bayreuth festival shows reactions

the number of guests that we inform the artists according to you, is a normal process in the world of Opera. However, the rejection, the Le Gateau Chocolat, got to feel, was solely directed against his Person. Because the 37-Year-old had no role, no Singing. The Boos were so its essence: black, flashy, and queer. Apparently, there are viewers who are of the opinion that such people would in Bayreuth no place.

photographers-portrait travesty-artist close-up Drag Queens with their heads held high and Heels By Lucja Romanowska

The drag artist, this has felt the same way – and in a Facebook Posting at the Bayreuth audience turned. “I was the only character; Le Gateau Chocolat Le Gateau Chocolat (no speaking or singing role), who was booed on this stage, says a lot about who you are (still) there,” he wrote in the social network and played with it on the brown past of Green hill. Richard Wagner, Adolf Hitler’s favorite composer was, the dictator was a regular guest at the festival.

Le Gateau Chocolat with mute role

More Le Gateau wrote Chocolat: “I represent an identity that was obvious to many of you foreign is.” However, it should be an identity, which gives Tannhäuser joy, relief, and distraction, which is the antithesis of the Establishment. In the staging of the travesty artist belongs to the lustful-the lustful world of Venus, which is placed opposite to the noble culture of the noble knights.

At the end of the post, he asked viewers the question: “What exactly are you Boo there?” and replied: “What a wretched shame.”

For his Posting of the queer artists received at least a lot of encouragement from his Fans. And also of the Bayreuth festival. The informed to be Posting on Facebook and wrote this: “George, we all love you as a person and an artist!”

source: Facebook

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