Coronavirus China business: manufacturers with the benefit of export of face mask

In the midst of an outbreak of the coronavirus in China in early February, the company’s 34-year-old Guana Sunice established a new factory for the manufacture of protective masks in just eleven days, tells AFP.

Plant with five production lines in northeastern China have produced a much-needed mask type N95, which was in great demand as growth in the number of cases of infection. Thanks to the hard restrictive measures, as you know, in China, the incidence has begun to decline – and Guan Sunice, which was previously the pharmaceuticals, now profits from new markets and exports masks in Italy.

“a machine for the production of masks – a real printer’s cash,” says Shi Xinhua, sales Manager of the company for the production of N95 masks in Dongguan (South-Eastern Guangdong province). “The profit from one mask now is at least several cents compared to last. Production of 60,000 or 70,000 masks in a day, is tantamount to printing money.”

the Chinese Qi Gointo has invested more than 50 million yuan (us$7 million) in its plant for the production of masks in the industrial center of Dongguan, in the South of the country. “Of course, reimbursement is not a problem,” he says. “The machine pay for itself in 15 days,” says Qi.

High levels of production masks sharply raised prices for raw materials. As said one of the producers, astronomically increased the price of fabrics – from 10 thousand to 480 thousand yuan per ton. Another manufacturer had to struggle to by parts to move the machine for the production of masks because of the closed borders of the province. Finally, in order to pay an experienced expert in the testing of these machines, had to give a sum more than ten times higher than normal.

And yet, despite the growing production costs, the profit still makes the profession attractive.

According to Chinese official data, every day in China produces more than 116 million masks – many of them on the background of decreasing domestic demand going abroad: Andwaist, and other EU countries, South Korea, Canada.

And manufacturers are optimistic about the future of the industry – even at a time when the flash goes off. After all, people because of the pandemic will get used to wearing the mask. So the demand by Chinese manufacturers, it seems, is not threatened.

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