Coronavirus defeated the Russians said about the treatment in Kommunarka

Mironov said that on March 10, returned from a holiday in Barcelona and three days later he began to show the first symptoms of the disease, and on March 13 he asked for help in an ambulance.

“I took the first tests, and the 15th day of Rospotrebnadzor said that I have a positive result. On the same day sent me an emergency team and taken in Moscow”, – has shared details of young man.

According to Mironov, there he stayed from March 15, in complete isolation.

He noted that the first ten days in a medical facility were normal, but then became heavy. Mironov noted that most of the time spent in social networks, as well as read books and study English with a teacher by video conference.

in addition, he asked the doctors about the possibility of re-infection, but have not received a clear answer.

Earlier, on 31 March it became known that the chief physician of the City clinical hospital №40 in Kommunarka was diagnostirovanna coronavirus. A week ago he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

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