Coronavirus has killed democracy

both the Warblers are wary, even hostile. One knocks, assents powerful, the other revels in its foresight, the “omniscience” and almost never gets in trouble all the time by. Yes God with them, with the Warblers. Sitting at home I want to be calm like a Sphinx (if still possible) and to speculate philosophically. What? About the fate of the democracy and liberalism. On a global scale.

Here is one liberal (not going to point the finger, although it was Viktor Shenderovich) said publicly that Russia is a totalitarian country with a totalitarian mindset and the people, she will not be able to overcome the coronavirus. But in the West — there are citizens who choose their own government, independent people who are always with this government and ask. I’m sure they will win.

that’s what annoys me, sure. When a person broadcasts, adjusting his theory (even progressive) for the answer — it looks ridiculous, one-sided. And I want to say: dear, look around you, AXT! Generally, the world must look with wide open eyes. Now, sitting under house arrest, it is especially clear.

Coronavirus has killed democracy, right here and now. Well, what a difference Italian or American, to die in the hallway completely unsuitable to the treatment of this terrible plague the hospital, he participated in the free election of their mayor, Governor, President or not. What a difference a man on its last legs, catching the air like a beached fish, is responsible to them government or not. He’s going to die this Italian or American, will die. In the name of democracy?

Coronavirus — a balm for the wounds of our promoters, the same Solovyov, nor the night aforementioned. And can’t argue with them. When the whole world fell into a tragic convulsion in hopelessness, panic, democracy rolls in like a house of cards. It turns out thin-thin layer of clothes, hastily put on a little person. And when the clothes fly, you see this man in all its glory, in all growth. Human normal. Who is afraid, just shaking with fear. Put in the inevitable position: you die today and I tomorrow. And system — totalitarian, democratic — there is nothing.

Democracy is good in peace time, Yes, even nothing to argue. An independent court, fair elections, accountable government, private enterprise in all its glory — the true benefit of a dream. It seemed that the dream became a reality: with all the costs of Western society has given us a standard model of behavior and action. And what medicine! Well, Yes, we remember how they treated our Afghans (we have then even a normal prosthesis was not), our Chernobyl. How to adopt terminally ill children (we have long put a cross) and treated them. Remember “the law of scoundrels”, well something.

But peaceful life came to an end, immediately, in one second. And democracy has died. These civilized people higher the world community suddenly turned out to be a herd mentality, we never dreamed of. It turned out, they are ready to fight in line for the latest jamon, the last roll of toilet paper as we dreamed in the same vanished forever scoop, your Atlantis. A market economy is always operating perfectly, suddenly began to falter — not worse than ours the Soviet deficit.

now They close the border from each other and have forgotten about what it wanted to build single full free Empire — the European Union. They wanted to spit on the Empire, because every man for himself, everyone survives alone. It would seem that so seriously (deadly seriously) Italians, Spaniards, French — well, the Germans, the Swiss, help them with something. No, do not help. Yes, and stealing each other’s masks, as the last pocket of the crooks.

Democracy is not beats by coronavirus, with the tragedy of the flood, in any case. Elections, courts, dignity, honor, individualism — separately, and the rescue of drowning — separately. It is the handiwork of drowning. Or the state prokletogabout the state, which in theory is absolutely all societies, from communism to consumerism — it must die. Not dead.

you can Not fail to think like a democracy, like the curve, always take out. It is only the superstructure over the essence, the backbone, just seasoning. Attach the canons to any situation is impossible, wrong, stupid. How stupid, was a democracy to be proud of. When people are dying like flies, from any motion of wind, and you do not know, do not understand why — what a democracy. There is already an important General mobilization, obedience from the bottom up, militarized regime. It is important lightning-fast ability to collect in one place the best main medical force and elections have nothing to do with.

It’s like a war. During the Second world war all these democracies collapsed at the first appearance of the Nazi hordes, the hordes. Because they are democracy, so valued life, the private life of a person. Here and surrendered to the Germans at the first lookout, this life trying to save. A totalitarian regime of the Soviets, spit by and large, this life, only he managed to defeat the bastard, to stop him and reverse. Only he didn’t give up.

the Comparison is incorrect, after all, then the enemy was clear, understandable, and here is a phantom, the air, the virus, which has never been seen. But I think we’re back in the war, talked about this and trump, and the program “Time”. To defeat the enemy, we can only together, having United the forces of all States without any democratic sentiment, this is important to understand. And when you win (this day would come!), then think about democracy. And the story goes on the second a vicious circle.

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