Coronavirus was the cause of striking workers in Italy

It is against this have a strike of various trade unions in Italy. Although it would seem, what strikes, when all and so they sit at home afraid to go out! The fact of the problem is that it is so only on paper. In fact, now still doing their job those people whose activities are recognized as key in ensuring the life on the Peninsula during the quarantine. Here only the document involves such a huge number of loopholes and workarounds that now in Italy it will gain people who can go on strike, and this will leave the other Italians without food and medicine.

for Example, in Italy is the steel industry. It is neither for medicine, nor for food, but still recognized as “essential”. Why is metallurgy so important in terms of quarantine — one to the Prime Minister Conte known. Probably because to save his seat he needs a good economy regardless of how much it could help in the fight against the epidemic.

the Steelworkers went on strike, for it United the three largest enterprises in the industry. Their main demand is to adjust the law so that the country has excluded the possibility of entering people to work at the request of the companies, which is very likely in the case of improving the situation. Metallurgists believe that the final victory over the disease, you need to fully maintain the system isolation, and not rush into adventures for the sake of economy.

the workers of the metallurgical industry joined Italian chemists. They also do not understand how their profession was in the list of those whose presence at the workplace is fundamentally important at this time. In addition, the mass leaving work, threatening employees of the banking sector. At the request of their Union, the banking employees threatened a nationwide dismissal, stating that they were forced to work in unsafe conditions without masks, gloves and sufficient quantities of antiseptic gels.

In the samethe burden of such measures will only increase the losses from the crisis. As said the head of the General Confederation of Italian industry, Vincenzo Boccia, even now, when de facto closed only 70% of enterprises in the country, the Italian economy loses more than $100 billion per month, or 5% of GDP. The government can’t be worried about such losses. But the unions are reminded that the losses from the epidemic are not only in economy and people’s lives should be put at the first plan even in tough financial crisis.

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