Experts have discovered a new fraud scheme with clients in the Forex market

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

More than 450 complaints about unlicensed brokers enrolled in the Association of Forex dealers (AFD) last year. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the head of the organization Eugene masharova, among the appeals revealed the two new scenarios of fraud.

So, one of the circuits on the deceived customer who can not withdraw his Deposit out of a kind of “PR Agency”, proposes to create the negative background against Forex company. The client promised that a broker who values reputation, be sure to return the money. This service fraudsters is estimated at 100 thousand rubles, however, your money from the company, the client still does not receive.

According to another fraud scheme, law firm offers wronged person to return the money to the crypto, but for his discovery of the need to pay. The site, which opened wallet, registered in the U.S., where the law is returned to the account bitcoin you need to pay tax and make a Commission for withdrawal. Makarov noted that the customer is deceived three times.

In Russia, only four legal Forex dealer: “Finam”, “VTB Forex”, “Forex PSB”, “Alfa Forex”. However, as stated in the article, there are “gray” foreign financial institutions providing services from abroad without a license of the Central Bank and “black brokers” because of which the customer may become bankrupt.

Earlier, the international company Group-IB warned about the growth of cyber threats during the spread of the coronavirus. Experts predicted growth in the number of targeted attacks on employees in the financial industry. In addition, the risk group includes workers who are lower salary when moving to remote execution of duties.

the revitalization of cybercrime due to the spread of the coronavirus, said earlier in the Roskomnadzor.

Director-General Reactive Phone Ivan Semenov urged to be suspicious for any emails that come not from those people do you usually communicate. On the punishment in accordance with the Russian legislation for the dissemination of false information recently reminded the Deputy Minister for digital development, communications and mass communications Alexei Volin.

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