The expert introduced the week: will lead to a rise in price of goods

Dmitri, what is the President’s decision will impact on private businesses? They also will be required to send workers for the weekend?

– This decision will affect everyone, not just for the private entrepreneurs. In any industry the price of a product laid the salary of workers. If the production is stopped, and the salary is paid, the cost of goods in the future grows by about 15% in only one week of downtime. Paid for easy to turn too, someone has to pay, whether it is a private or public company, the money does not come out of thin air. In this case, to pay damages will have buyers purchase goods more expensive. Downtime is also not canceled the lease payment for housing and communal services, etc. In reality, most entrepreneurs only now thinking about how quickly to wind up their business.

the business is really a catastrophic situation: no sales, collapse of entire industries. Measures to defer the payment of taxes for today’s business – as dead a poultice. I believe that most entrepreneurs who haven’t done so previously, will ask their employees to write the application at own expense – at least on this output for a week. Of course, this put sanctions

the Labour Inspectorate and Prosecutor’s office, but no one does not think about it. Most businessmen simply have no other choice. If next week was introduced a state of emergency, the situation would be transparent, all contracts and obligations, were suspended in connection with force majeure, and so they continue to operate. That is, the responsibility remains on the entrepreneurs, the state does not yet want to take it on yourself.

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