What’s in this “scene”?

“life is fucking not a God of the Tour de France.” The also had to learn the saarbrücken Cycling idol Dirk Rebmann. The teacher is dead, in the funeral home, also raping three pupils stuck to his body, giving him a pig’s tail in the ass. For one of the three boys, the prank ends fatally. Commissioner Jens Stellbrink (Devid Striesow) is looking for the perpetrators in the families of the three young people – and many did-motives.

Why is it worth the crime?

The eponymous theme of this “crime scene” – “sons and fathers” – runs consistently through this case. In each of the three families, there are problems with the fathers. A beating mentally to his son, the second torments of the Filius, and the third pulls back resignedly in his hobby cellar. And also Stellbrink has his love problems with the son of man.

What bothers?

Three families, the school, a Restaurant – in this Film, there are far too many locations and storylines. As viewer starts to lose track of them all. In addition, the dialogues are often artificial and stilted. A teenager really says “past tense in the ass” when he talks to his Exes?

The commissioners? TV-criticism to the Saar-“Tatort” man is wearing Shorts By Carsten Heidböhmer

The now defunct “the scene” from Saarbrücken was completely tailored to Commissioner stellbrink. Devid Striesow makes its thing very well, but in the absence of interaction with colleagues need to write the script of private stories on the body. The missed dinner with his son, by consequence, he has a Internet Flirt on the Run. Such funny-intentioned in addition to strands you have already seen in other “crime scenes”, here the creators is little that is New could think of.

“crime scene” turn on or off?

Devid Striesow is an outstanding actor, and Saarbrücken is a great backdrop for a TV-crime – no matter how much you would recommend this Film. However, the Film (written and directed by: Zoltan Spirandelli) can’t decide between Comedy and serious criminal case. An overloaded story, seasoned with silliness still makes for a good “scene”.

The “Tatort”-episode “sons and fathers” was first released on 29. January 2017 broadcast.

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