“rocket man,” Franky Zapata wants to try again, to cross with his Flyboard to the English channel. The Frenchman wanted to try it on next Friday or Sunday, once again, notified its Management on Monday.

Currently, the permission of the authorities must be obtained. The 40-Year-old was ousted last week in the attempt to cross the English channel with its Turbo platform, into the sea.

after the failure of the professional jet ski had shown Pilot from Marseille very disappointed and announced to want it as soon as possible and try again. Zapata was broken from the Northern French city of Sangatte, from its flight across the English channel. He wanted to lay back on his Flyboard in the range of approximately 35 kilometres to the British seaside village of St. Margaret’s Bay.

on the way, he had to recharge his Turbo platform, he has invented according to their own information once. In doing so, he fell into the sea. Next Time should be used to Refuel a bigger boat, had said of the extreme athlete. “The boat was too small, the platform (the Land) has moved.” The Turbo platform, according to TV station BFMTV five engines. They are operated, as in the case of aircraft with kerosene. The fuel is carried, therefore, in the backpack of the pilot.

Reuters topics in this article, the English channel, Franky Zapata, from Paris to New in culture, of fumbling and disgusting conversations, “Which are but with 15 already done”: The Wendler and Willi gentlemen in the “summer house” together display a star journey of the worlds Sicily in the spring with flight and half Board from € 899,-


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