What’s in the audiobook?

In “parent coaching – are left to educate”, the Danish family therapist Jesper Juul directly with the Concerns and needs of parents of Autonomous children. He documented 18 conversations he had had with parents and their children.

The three-year-old Ella, for example, the family ruled with “an iron Hand”. Ella rages, scolds, yells. Whether you brush your teeth or put on shoes: Ella not easy. Ella’s father, Peter, said: “There’s a war on”. It is clearly evident that Ella’s parents come to their limits. And perhaps worse: you don’t understand Ella, simply. A gap between the parents and the child, the Ella’s mom Annika is very sad.


Jesper Juuls “Parents coaching either – Left” will be presented to educate the various families. Click here to Download at Audible.

©Audible inside Jesper Juul “parent coaching – Let Your browser does not support the audio element to educate”. Who wrote it?

The Dane Jesper Juul is considered to be the instance, when it comes to parenting or relationship with children. From his practice as a teacher, social worker and family therapist Juul draws a lot of practical tips for parents who are looking for a balance between cuddly pedagogy and a firm Hand. For Juul, every child is “equally worthy”, but not “equal”. One way that many parents can identify with.

Who is speaking?

Both parents and Jesper Juul are spoken by different speakers. Since it is a non-fiction book, is not the speaker here is really in focus. Nevertheless, the whole language and style of the audio book conveys a certain Serenity. Helpful for parents who are already on the verge of despair.

Why the audio book?

it runs no Matter how well with the child: All parents have questions. What can I do if the child wants to time at all as I? Can I or should I force my child? Or it helps to convince the child otherwise? These and other questions Jesper Juul answered with a deep understanding for the child’s soul. This not only helps really suffering parents. Also, mothers and fathers, the hear without a current occasion in the audiobook, will benefit and be able to understand your child better.

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Difficult things very, very easy

explains Why a plane flies? How can radioactivity change our genetic makeup? What are Bitcoins? Why do we dream? “Erlkär’s is to me, as I would be 5” not really in children but also in adults, the difficult questions, just would like explained. The program with the mouse for the ears, so to speak.


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