Crimean authorities after the scandal with the bread allocated blockade at the sanatorium

Photos:Мая Huzhina

Crimean Authorities have identified the blockade of Kerch free vouchers to sanatoriums after the story of donated to “loaves of bread”. About it reports TASS.

As said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Council of Crimea Efim Fix, to blockade and their accompanying suggested two week trips to resorts in the region. MPs who are investigating the incident, has already met with the majority of the blockade of the city.

“We all spoke to them, was determined by the treatment. Need three hearing aid, I asked the head physician of the Kerch hospital so the experts looked. Next week, three people asked hospitalization. The rest agreed to go on the trips to the sanatorium”, – said the detective.

Earlier, the head of Kerch city Council May Huzhina, her Deputy and the deputies of the local Parliament gave the blockade of the Crimean Tatar pies with potatoes, vegetables and meat. On the published photos of women in fur coats awarded medals, flowers and cakes to the elderly.

This story has caused a wide public resonance. Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber of the Crimea Alexander Formanchuk has described the incident as a humiliation. Member of the Committee of the Federation Council of Crimea Sergey Tsekov called this act stupid and disrespectful.

the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov stressed that all involved in the greeting of the person will be dismissed from their positions, deprived of their parliamentary status and expelled from the party. “It was stupid. And for such nonsense be fired,” he said.

According to Aksyonov, he resented the statement Huinay that she does not see his guilt in the scandal with the presentation of bread blockade and therefore withdrew his resignation.

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