A plastic bottle in the car – so what? In normal case, should happen nothing. However, at high temperatures it can be dangerous, careless things in the vehicle behind.

This is also a employee of an American company realized, as he went into the lunch break to his car.

Because of plastic bottle: Smoke in the car

First of all, the staff didn’t know quite what he should see On his front passenger seat, smoke from unknown source developed.

it was Only when he checked, he discovered a plastic bottle was jammed in between the seat surface and the backrest has been folded.

By the strong light of the sun refracted the rays in the bottle and pooled on a spot. Therefore, the smoke developed – still a little longer and the seat would have caught fire.

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plastic bottles in the car: you can do

other on the danger of plastic bottles in the car carefully, according to the staff the Situation for a Video and posted it on Facebook.

As a tip, a colleague advises to store bottles easily in a shady place in the car.

If you should be in plastic bottles in the car gently, then you must be it in domestic animals even more. Dogs and cats do not sweat and keep it for a long time in a closed car. But what to do if you discover a hechelndes animal in heat in a vehicle?

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Franziska Kaindl/Video: Glomex


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