To peel garlic, there are the a or other time-consuming to sophisticated Trick. Of tedious the shell abfriemeln, or the tuber in a container to throw and shake, is the selection of tips large. However, it was presented to us now, of all places, Twitter is the ultimate Trick to peel garlic?

garlic is easy to peel off: This Trick is causing a stir in the network

The user @VPestilenZ informed there namely a Video in which she presents her method for Peeling garlic – and the readers are enthusiastic. So the Trick works:

Prick them with a sharp knife on the side, in each garlic clove. Pull out the clove of garlic.

And that’s it! Many users can not even believe how easy it looks in the Video. Over 147,000 Times the Trick has been shared on the social network and 11,000 Times commented (Stand: 2. July 2019). “I have the feeling that my life has changed just now”, it says, for example.

Even Model Chrissy Teigen responded with a bewildered Retweet on the garlic-peeling Trick:

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Genius or failure? A lot of users fail on garlic peel

works, But the method is really as good as it looks in the Clip? Some hobby chefs tested the Trick and noticed that he works out in reality as well. Some people had to treat themselves after trying even:

However, it seems the right technology to arrive. A cook employed with the viral Video and posted on Youtube, even one in which he communicates his findings to the masses.

Accordingly, a sharp knife is the Trick needed, with once the root is cut to loosen the toes. Then had to be pricked with the knife in the lower end of the garlic clove to three-quarters and rotated so that it releases. How the Whole thing works in detail, you will see the

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