When the drives have the Opel engineers have the right stuff: Five motors to the 100 g/km ceiling for carbon dioxide emissions under the offer and all three cylinder engines, have an engine block made of aluminum. The renewal zeal is in Rüsselseim noticeable. We do not pay any penalties,” says chief engineer Matthias Alt, and alludes to the threat of EU sanctions. This goal can be achieved not only with a measure: in addition to the reduction of internal friction, were used, for example, the 1.2 Liter petrol engine of 100 screws less, which brings up to six kilograms less weight. In addition, all petrol engines have variable valve timing. A shutter in the radiator grille and optimised aerodynamics, which lowers the Sports Tourer the Cw value up to 0,255 is yet to come.

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The tail was in the sense of aerodynamics

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revised revised engine package with improved or new transmission, such as the nine-speed automatic transmission while 1.5 litre Diesel, with the we were on the road. The diesel has to teach manners to a balance shaft that it goes the three-cylinder diesel as well, but to him the characteristic hum, not entirely can be cast out. The fuel consumption of Opel, the Astra sports Tourer with 90 kW / 122 HP with 5.6 l/100 km (Wltp). The engines already meet the Euro 6d standard. However, the CO2 has diet also has other consequences. The nine-speed automatic does its job smooth. But a temperament of this 1.395 kg heavy Astra is not bolt, even when the Sprint is done from zero to 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 205 km/h. When pulling more Verve would do well. It will give the more powerful Diesel that will find its way under the bonnet of the Astra.

A question remains unresolved. What happens to the motors when the new Astra will be produced in 2024 on the PSA EMP2 platform in Rüsselsheim. Put the Opel engineers for the Museum to witness, because the current Astra is architecture on the GM D2. “No,” Matthias Alt, the all-clear. “This technology will live on.” So the next Generation of the Opel benefits compact car from the improvements. This is also necessary if the objectives are to be achieved. Especially in Combination with electrification, which compensates for the weaknesses of the CO2-castrated engine, is likely to bring not only more fun to drive, but also the consumption of all the dancing. Better on the go is the 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engines, including six-speed manual transmission, the more lively and agile acting, but a turbo hole can not hide it completely. The comfort of the compact Opel scores, which also improved damper neutralize uneven ground quite confidently.

When it comes to Infotainment has also done something. The navigation system now processes traffic information, and on the eight-inch screen, Parking and fuel prices are displayed. The front camera now detects a pedestrian, and the adaptive cruise control works in Stop-and-go traffic. Anyone who wants to can equip the Opel Astra with economical LED headlights, which consume just 13 watts, and so another piece of the Puzzle of the introduction to less fuel thirst represent. However, the Infotainment and the digitalisation lags behind competitors such as the Kia c’eed.

The space on offer, not much has changed: On the comfy AGR-Seats at Opel traditionally travel in comfort and in the rear, adults will also find a good place. Something you are given by the width of the dashboard. A praise deserves the low loading sill and the level load floor, which also changes when flipping the Backrests of the rear bench and the Luggage compartment volume of 540 to 1.630 litre increases. Starting in November, the Astra is at the dealer: The five-door starts at 19.990 euros, the Sports Tourer costs € 1,000 more.

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