E-Scooter, and a controversial means of transport remain. In many German cities, the electric scooters are now available and are part of the city – not always in a positive way. Many passers-by perceive the scooter, the stand around on sidewalks, rather than disturbing. Again and again, please also refer to the safety risk, the E-Scooter can pose in road traffic. And also the Benefit for the environment is debatable, as a study by scientists at the North Carolina State University shows.

E-Scooter: High CO2 emissions in the production of

In the study, which was published at the beginning of August in the scientific journal “Environmental Research Letter”, the authors with the CO2 emissions of the Scooter in comparison to other popular modes of transport. It was not analysed how many emissions are produced during the trips, but also, such as, for example, the manufacture and maintenance have an impact on the CO2 balance sheet – a so-called “Life-Cycle Assessment”. The E-Scooter way were not good.

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The scooter proved to be as less environmentally friendly than is commonly believed. Although the journey is emission free. The electricity to Charge the scooter consumes some CO2, the lion’s share is attributable to the production. 50 percent of the emissions caused by the raw materials used, the manufacturing process and the Transport of the scooters, which are mostly produced in China, to your actual location. A lot of CO2 is also due to the rides, which cross through the city E-Scooter at night, collected and brought to charging stations. Compared with other vehicles, E-scooters also have a very short life time (theoretically, two years).

E-Scooter-Driving produces more CO2 than driving a bus

In the bigger picture, an E-Scooter is generated according to the study, more CO2 per mile than a well-staffed diesel bus. After all, only half as many greenhouse gases are produced than in the case of cars. Nevertheless, the researchers come to the conclusion that the E-Scooter to Ride in the majority of cases, is more environmentally damaging variant. You respondents, namely, E-Scooter riders in the city of Raleigh in North Carolina according to your specific use situations and motives.

The survey found that only 34 percent would have taken the car, they would have been with the Scooter on the road. Two-thirds would be chosen instead of the scooter in the normal case, an environmentally friendly variant of the movement – be it the Bus, the Bicycle and walking. 7 percent would even just stay at home.

sources: study “Are e-scooters polluters? The environmental impacts of shared dockless electric scooters” / “Heise”

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