bike runs more and more frequently fatal: 2018 445 cyclists died on Germany’s roads, including 89 on Electric bicycles (Pedelecs). The were 14 percent more accidents than 2017, in the case of Pedelecs, the increase was 24 percent. The provisional Figures of the Federal Statistical office. The increase was due not only to the long summer: more and more cyclists have to with car – and Truck-drivers the tight space on the streets to fight – especially in the cities. 2018 4.2 million bicycles were sold in Germany, the second highest value in this decade.

one in Every four new bike is an electric bike. From the summer onwards, E will be added-Scooter – from experts point of view, a further source of Accidents. An Overview of the greatest dangers for cyclists.


The majority of accidents between bike and car, according to accident researchers, Siegfried Brockmann in the intersection and turning area. Here, straight travel collide end cyclists often turn-by-turn car or Truck. “Ideally, the traffic flows should be separated, for example through Traffic lights,” says the head of the Berlin Institute of accident research of the insurers (UDV). “When cyclists have the Green, cars waiting, and Vice versa.”


Always cyclists from Trucks to be overlooked again-drivers when making a Turn. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) aims to promote the installation of turn-off assistant therefore. He advocates the mandatory introduction of these systems for new vehicles from 2024. In addition, there is a funding program for retrofitting. According to estimates from the General German Bicycle club (ADFC) have less than five percent of the vehicles on a 1500 euros expensive System. Accidents involving Trucks, according to Brockmann, however, only “a small part of the problem, cyclist accident”. 2017 77 cyclists died in accidents with Trucks, of which about 30 turn to the right.

Service: right-of-way, Crowding, wear a helmet – Our topics to the right and wheel Fullscreen

Cheers on the Handlebars – the injustice is a lack of awareness many cyclists. Only 1.6 per thousand, a drunken cyclist loses the driver’s license. Politicians want to lower this value again and again – but this is not so easy.


1.6 ppm – that’s why the blood alcohol limit for cyclists is so high

©TFILM infrastructure

With its extra-wide and bollard-protected Because of the Cycling in cities safer. However, these isolated projects are far from adequate, says Brockmann. From the point of view of the ADFC, the “the bad and the totally under-sized is Bicycle infrastructure,” the biggest security problem. “Tattered and poor-visibility curb, bike paths alternate with parked, a lot of narrow bike lanes, on – and ends often in the Nothing or to the next construction site. This is frustrating and dangerous,” complained spokeswoman Stephanie crown.

E-Bikes bike-accidents-risk E-Bike after the Boom of the accidents Of Gernot Kramper

come Increasingly popular electric bicycles. You give especially the elderly, a new mobility, which otherwise may run out of steam emanated, or the joints would make a dash through the bill. “These are completely new groups, beyond the age of 75, we didn’t have before,” says Brockmann. The downside: “The control of the vehicle, especially with the higher speed, is not given in many cases.” Statistics show that there are, especially in the case of Pedelec drivers have more fatal accidents. “One solution would be to couple the speed of the wheels to the force which would apply to a cyclist with his muscle power,” says the expert.


Reckless Overtaking, or the lack of distance: Even cyclists for other cyclists to danger. According to Brockmann, there is a large underreporting of accidents. “One of the police-registered accident about three more Bicycle accidents in which Operators with significant injuries in hospitals,” says the expert. Often the police will not be called, because there is no insurance in the game. Stephanie crown from the German Cycling Association ADFC advises not to drive with foresight, to take advantage of cycle lanes in the opposite direction, and in the dark turn on the light. Also helmets can protect Ministers Scheuer advertises up to date with a controversial campaign. Only eight percent of young cyclists to wear a helmet.


Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to allow Electric scooters (E-scooters). As from the spring of you should be allowed to be on the road – you are slower than 12 miles per hour on sidewalks and shared pedestrian and cycle paths.

E-Bikes to ride a Bicycle with a speed of 50 kph – so E-Bikes illegally tuned By Gernot Kramper

you Are between 12 and 20 km/h quickly, they have to travel on bike paths and, if necessary, also on the road. From the perspective of Brock’s another risk. “A E-Scooter-driver behaves differently than a cyclist, but just as quickly. Things are very difficult to compatible with each other,” says Brockmann. E-Scooter would blow holes, for example, more likely to Dodge than cyclists.

well-Known Accident blackspots

Many Accident blackspots, according to Brockmann known, but will not be changed. “Accident commissions are not coming in many cities, to edit the identified and allowed to rebuild. Often the money is not granted,” criticizes the expert. Berlin researchers want to take the risk with the help of cyclists, and the App “SimRa”. You can detect when a cyclist brake hard, accelerate, or avoid danger, must – Almost-accidents register.

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Gernot Kramper Anja Sokolow/DPA


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