increases As Lawrence Leuschner in the spring of 2018 at the beach of San Diego from the water, sees the idea for his next business. Leuschner grew up in Hofheim am Taunus and in 2004, one of the founders of the Online second-hand trade, Rebuy, had one and a half years earlier, a Sabbatical begun, and since travelled in a VW Bus stations the most beautiful surf in the world. He now wears a Beard and hair long. What he discovered on the California coast, are scooters: no toys for kids, but electric-powered models, on which adults curves around, with astonishing speed and, apparently, quite a lot of fun.


The new Capital will appear on the 21. April 2019. Click here for the Abo-Shop

“I have dealt in greater depth,” writes Leuschner in a blog post, “because I wanted to build a further impact business how to Rebuy.” At the end of July, he founded in Berlin the Start-up animal, a rental for battery-powered scooter, the change of the “urban mobility”.

similar to the future of good rhetoric to a series of E-scooters push for more Start-ups on the market. In Germany, such, electric vehicles are not the smallest approved yet, the relevant regulation is not expected until the end of the spring. Nevertheless, a good dozen vendors to prepare already on the Launch. In hundreds of cities in Asia, southern Europe, North and South America, the scooters are already part of the city. The E-scooter Sharing is intended to solve the Problem of the last mile, as the environment-friendly closing the gap between public transport and destination of commuters and business travellers. At least that’s the green Vision.

but For now, the scooter hype is mainly a noise-like race of Start-ups with barely distinguishable from products and business models, and investors to Finance billions in venture capital in a gigantic battle of material. And all this in a market, even a year ago hardly anyone knew of him at all.

Federal government makes way for E-Scooter-free AFP went So fast never

The pioneer company Bird, whose scooter in San Diego on animal founder Leuschner ran over, reached the 1-billion Dollar valuation in just six months, had previously managed a Start-up. Four months later, Bird had reached 2 billion dollars and a whole cohort of imitators to the Hack: Lime, Skip, Spin, Scoot, Jump or Bolt in the United States alone, Yellow, and Grin in Latin America, in Europe, Voi, Dott, Flash, Wind, Hive, and animal.

That the Start-ups time to get started with very similar business models, is for the tech world, it’s not entirely a new phenomenon. So far, unmatched by the speed of this race and the amount of burn risk capital. Even the first signs of Overheating and consolidation in fast-forward: The leader Bird, and Lime must currently perform rounds of financing in the case of a constant rating, in Europe, first-party are already talking about mergers.


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