The biggest Problem in the time around Christmas? Annoying Parents-In-Law? A dry goose?

no: “How can I make my relationship, the Partner is suspicious” – this is the worry of all of the Unfaithful is almost. Christmas is hell on you. If the home is made of the family Idyll, the secret Lover or the Beloved, the nervous blank. The a is Dam and the other to sit alone with a consolation bottle of red wine in front of the candles place setting.

infidelity in the partnership, Why women cheat: Six personal confessions

The pressure for the bound part of the Arrangement is therefore great to see the fling also Christmas. “Victoria Milan” is a Portal for such Affairs. A survey among users showed that 76 percent of men and 68 percent of the women who are registered on the fling side, want to days your secret lover at the festival or in front of it to see.

purchases and old friends,

women putting on the most common Noteinkäufe in the last second. To have a few hours to iron, 32 percent of the ladies, a gift get. In men, it is ten percent. For Shopping that would be no good excuse. Men like to pull an old friend out of the Sleeves, the must-see, where he had been to Christmas in the area. 33 percent of men use this excuse. But 25 percent of women think of best Friends, to make room for a nooner.

appointments that are so important that you must to the free days in the company, not every Job is realistic. Nevertheless, 14 percent of men and eleven percent of women succumb to this excuse. The flood of different Christmas and common mulled wine-excursions to celebrate with the company one sees with other eyes, if one knows the survey of “Victoria Milan”. 20 percent of men and 16 percent of the women invent such a treat to have cleared at least a complete evening for the affair.

Strenuous days

On the questionnaire were also called the other Details of the love-planning. 18 percent of men find it tiring, the days of the traditional to spend Partner. The desire for great Sex – not, obviously, with the official Partner – 36 percent. However, children, spouse, and relationship satisfaction, consume the substance. 30 percent of respondents said that they were exhausted of additional energy for the Partner to spend.

Small consolation: The half of the fraudulent women from at least more money for the gift of long-time Partners than for the gifts of the lovers. “Victoria Milan”-founder Sigurd Vedal has an explanation: “Everyone has a different way to show his love.” “Scammers want to have in the holidays, extraordinary Sex, but you can also buy gifts for your long-term partner. With the Present show that you care about them.”

survey affair – the greatest danger lurks in the circle of friends

A relationship survey from Australia showed shocking results. Infidelity often takes place in the circle of friends of the partner. In the future could imagine a robot in the bedroom. And women really want to hear strange things in bed.


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