Crime 26/01/20 “Dark secrets Beria”: why didn’t he want you to catch a gang of Ivan Mitin

the Criminal group Ivan Mitin, who became the prototype of the gang “Black cat” from the movie “meeting Place cannot be changed”, three years terrorized the capital of the USSR. Muscovites wondered why the police can’t protect them from robbers and murderers. In the kitchen whispering: that the bandits are not caught, interested himself all-powerful head of the NKVD Lavrenty Beria!

the founder of the gang, Ivan Mitin, at first glance, it was impossible to find fault: the young proletarian, worker defense production, hockey player. The guy had a prominent appearance, of which the group became known as the “Gang of tall blond”. The leader was 11 accomplices, mainly from among the residents of Krasnogorsk near Moscow. They also had a model biography.
the First robbery (even bloodless) bandits made in March 1950 by attacking Department store in Timiryazevsky district of Moscow. Eventually, the criminals got arms and markedly insolent. The scenario was the same: the boys broke into companies and forced those present to lie on the floor. For those who did not carry out instructions or attempted to escape, shot from revolvers. Taking money from the cash register, the bandits left.
the Group has carried out about thirty armed robberies, leaving behind 11 corpses. The damage to the socialist economy from criminal acts amounted to half a million rubles.

the investigation of the gang followed closely Lavrenty Beria. The fact that crimes were committed in the territory accountable to Nikita Khrushchev in which the NKVD chief had already seen a dangerous rival in the future struggle for power. Since 1949, Khrushchev served as First Secretary of the Moscow regional Committee of the CPSU(b), and enjoyed the confidence of Stalin.
Khrushchev, of course, knew that Beria receives information about the gang, along with the leadership of the MGB. Feel the future head of stateStates a threat? No doubt. If the Moscow government will not be able to cope with a violent gang, this can be followed by human conclusions at the level of municipal party Committee. Beria was enough regularly to talk about the criminal situation in the capital during the reports to Stalin. “Father of Nations”, according to some accounts, indeed, had become interested in what is happening.
an Extreme version of the assumption about the involvement of Beria, which he believed some veterans of the interior Ministry, says that Krasnogorskiy gang even was a “special project” of the NKVD. It would explain for example, why skilled workers and party members acted with the habits of hardened offenders. However, the documentary evidence of this version does not.
“consequences of the prolongation of the problems of the gang could become a political career of Khrushchev’s tombstone. Then driven with curses and threats the detectives begin to carefully “dig” in the direction of the search for traces of the gang,” said the historian of the Soviet crime Andrey Kolesnik.

By order of Khrushchev, was arrested two chiefs of regional police stations. However, this was not necessary. The main work on the capture of the bandits complied with CID officers.
Ivan Mitin and his comrades failed that the robbery was committed in the vicinity of Krasnogorsk, but not in himself. In addition, the bandits chose places near the stadiums – it made the investigators to assume that the attacks involved athletes. The honour of solving the case, according to some, belonged to the great-grandson of the poet Alexander Pushkin operative Grigory Pushkin. In February 1953, the raiders were taken by the police right in their beds, unable to resist.
26-year-old Ivan Mitin was shot in November 1953. Ironically, a month later the same end was waiting and Lavrenti Beria.
“the death and Life Mitinskaya “teams” reflected the submarine pits of the Soviet sea. In the end, the gang of Beria, too, was tried for murder and embezzlement,” says the author of the book “Onlast gang” Olga Mamonova.
it is Possible that the term “Beria gang”, did not descend from pages of the Soviet press, just came from Nikita Khrushchev, who could not forget the three-year absentee confrontation with the head of the NKVD, the case Krasnogorskiy group.

Timur Sagdiyev

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