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Biography 19/02/20 Georgy Malenkov: what “heir” of Stalin went to Church

the Story of the life of Georgy Malenkov Maximilianovich, the official successor of Stalin as head of the country, full of mysteries and contradictions. In the Stalin years, he happily escaped repression and, subsequently, was in fact the second person in the country. After the leader’s death Malenkov briefly headed the government, having the position of Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. But in 1962 because of political intrigue was removed from all leadership positions and expelled from the party. However, the amazing thing is that in his last years Malenkov became the only one among senior party leaders, who appealed to the Orthodox faith.

a Failed thaw

the Rise of his career, Georgy Maximilianovich Malenkov is obliged personally to Stalin, hasten to his young and talented machine operator. This is doubly surprising, given that Malenkov has not been tested Bolshevik and had aristocratic origins. However, it was his Stalin saw his only successor. The same opinion was held and a close friend of G. M. Malenkov, Minister of internal Affairs L. P. Beria. However, after the death of Joseph Stalin, a group of party and military functionaries headed N. With. Khrushchev quickly enough dismissed of George Maximilianovich from power. Thus today remains virtually unknown to the fact that the first initiative in exposing Stalin’s personality cult did not belong to Khrushchev and Malenkov. It is the meeting of the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee shortly after Stalin’s death, stated emphatically about the need to “put an end to the cult of personality and go to the collective leadership of the country”.

Moving from words to deeds, Malenkov has largely improved the lives of ordinary people, and began an active struggle with the privileges in the party apparatus. Georgy maksimilianovich halved the amount of issuingdetails on supported envelope additional payments to high-ranking officials. It is therefore not surprising that, despite the love of the people, in the 1950-ies even composed a ditty: “Come comrade Malenkov, gave bread and Blinkov”, party colleagues did everything possible to remove Malenkov from power. However, the failed “heir” of Stalin miraculously escaped persecution and managed to survive all his enemies. His eyes took the whole life of the Soviet Union, the state, which he failed to lead. Fifteen-year teenager Malenkov met the revolution of 1917 and only three did not live to see the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

the Atonement prayer

After in 1957, Malenkov was removed from all posts, the former party functionary settled in a government allocated two-room apartment. And 10 years later moved to a private cottage in the village of Kratovo (direction – Kazanskaya railroad). At this time, considerably thinner successor of Stalin, the congregation was surprised, increasingly began to meet at the village Orthodox Church. The press has repeatedly appeared information that George Maximilianovich even seen by the reader in various small temples on the outskirts of Moscow. Obviously, advanced age, Malenkov decided to return to the Orthodox faith, for the eradication of which in his younger years put a lot of effort. Pray to God Malenkov was about. For the events that took place in the 1930-ies – 1950-ies in the country, largely because he bore personal responsibility because he was responsible for the selection of personnel in leadership positions during the reign of Stalin. In addition, in the exposure and arrest of members of the “Leningrad affair” Malenkov was personally involved, going to Leningrad at the head of the ad hoc group of employees of the MGB. We do not know whether managed Georgy maksimilianovich to beg forgiveness of the Almighty himself, but he at least tried to do that unlike their comrades in the organization of mass terror in the 1930-ies in the USSR.

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